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Supply Chain Optimization

Utilizing location intelligence to gain real-time visibility


Boost efficiency with increased asset visibility

Optimizing the supply of assets once they leave a factory can be a significant challenge.

Without accurate, real-time location data, a business will find it tricky to understand the dynamics of how products are supplied. Often, businesses only find out about delays, incidents, and misplacements when it is too late.

For this reason, OEMs and heavy equipment manufacturers are keen to take advantage of new location and tracking technologies.

Location intelligence from HERE enables proactive decision-making to minimize inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Precise location information provides the supply chain visibility needed to avoid surprises and stay in control.

Transform supply chain visibility with location intelligence

  • Real-time location of goods
  • Global coverage
  • Industrial quality maps
  • Cost-efficient locating
  • Rich content to provide context
  • Energy-efficient tracking
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Supply Chain Optimization

Ensure transparency in the entire Supply Chain

Key advantages

3 ways location data aids optimization


Real-time visibility

Reduce costly delays when managing the supply of manufactured goods from the factory and warehouse. Ensure greater transparency, security and efficiency as HERE seamlessly charts transitions between outdoor to indoor locations. Make use of HERE Network Positioning for accurate offline positioning to quickly locate parts and products.

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Real-time ETAs

Waiting at loading docks costs truckers up to $1.3 billion each year.

Restrict bottlenecks and large delivery buffers with real-time updates. Alerts on delayed asset delivery allow for proactive re-planning. Developers can make use of HERE Tracking, HERE Venues and HERE Indoor Positioning to enable seamless organization of trucks, goods and docks to enhance the flow of assets from the factory, to the warehouse and on to the customer.

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Asset utilization

Supply chain inefficiencies cost UK businesses more than £1.5bn

Ensure vehicles don’t leave half empty and that warehouses usage is maximized with accurate, real-time asset tracking and by adding customized locations to maps. Define geofenced areas and track assets as they move.

Get started with Supply Chain Optimization

Learn how to increase efficiency and unlock the value held in your supply chain.

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