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Transport & Logistics

Transportation Management Systems

Intelligent routing solutions built on our comprehensive location platform


Streamlining transport management

Location intelligence that breaks down barriers

Transportation management faces big challenges, but most can be mitigated by eliminating silos, optimizing across the supply chain, and gaining better visibility of operations. 

HERE offers leading location intelligence that brings carriers and suppliers closer than ever. Our location services are tailored to meet the strict demands of shipping and logistics.

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Built with HERE

Watch how FreightHub uses our products for supply chain optimization

Thinking and acting ahead

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Pinpoint locations with accurate geocoding

Pinpoint the geographic coordinates of a shipment’s origin and destination – beyond post-code level. Leverage the highest level of precision, at record speed, anywhere around the world. 

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Calculate distances and drive times

Calculate worldwide travel distances and ETAs, from door to door. Our solutions take into account real-time and historic traffic conditions, as well as truck restrictions such as maximum height and weight.

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Help drivers comply with regulations

Nearing the end of the day, HERE turn-by-turn navigation guides truck drivers to the nearest truck stop and reports the truck’s location. This enhances driver safety and satisfaction.

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Route trucks in private areas

Extend HERE maps by adding your own roads in rural and other unmapped areas, in just a few clicks. Our solutions also allow you to route trucks in private areas.

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Include toll fees in shipment costs

Gain better visibility of shipment costs by integrating up-to-date and vehicle-specific tolls in your transport management system.

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Streamline the supply chain with geofencing

Use geofencing to trigger an alert and issue a response when a vehicle approaches pick-up, drop-off, or leaves its planned route.

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Success Stories

Oracle makes transportation visibly simpler with HERE

The newest version of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) -- version 6.4.2 -- sees the company deepening its integration of the HERE Open Location Platform to make it fundamental to the user experience.

Enhancing your TMS

Learn how HERE is adding value to transportation management systems

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