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Optimizing last mile delivery: Find out how to maximize delivery and e-commerce opportunities.

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Transportation & Logistics

Build better fleet solutions

Innovative fleet management solutions powered by location intelligence

Location is the key

Powering the future of fleet management

The logistics industry is fraught with challenges: an ageing driver population, increasingly complex regulation, rapid changes in technology, and more.

More than ever, fleet managers are looking to their fleet management solution vendors to help them gain more detailed visibility into operations, better manage their fleet, and maximize the utilization of assets.

Key differentiators

Driving value

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Optimized truck routing

HERE provides truck routing, making it possible to plan optimal routes based on truck attributes such as maximum height and weight clearance.

Split lane traffic

Increased asset utilization

We provide access to real-time data such as split-lane traffic information, traffic safety alerts, and weather, allowing customers to make better decisions and increase their asset utilization.

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Meet demanding ETAs

With coverage of the global road network, speed limits and traffic-enabled routing, customers can calculate and communicate more accurate ETAs and shipping costs to help improve end-user satisfaction.

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Lower operational costs

We help customers plan the most optimal route based on travel time, fuel costs and road tolls. We make this happen through isoline routing, customizable geofencing, toll cost analysis, and more.

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Enhance the driver experience

With customizable mobile applications that integrate rerouting, geofencing and real-time traffic, customers can analyze driver behavior to mitigate risks and increase driver retention rates.

Omdia Location Platform Index 2020

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each location vendor including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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Success stories

Three ways HERE and SAP help developers, drivers and fleet managers

We've been working with SAP for quite some time. We're happy to announce that if you're developing with SAP software you can soon use our innovative location and tracking technology.

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Choose HERE and you’ll get easy-to-use documentation and 24/7, personalized support from engineers and developers.

Products related to Fleet Management

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Location Services

HERE Fleet Telematics

Go beyond simple A to B routing and increase fleet performance with advanced real-time data.

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Location Services

HERE Routing

Advanced algorithms that help create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses

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