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heavy exquipment in factory vs roundabout from above

Factory-to-sale visibility

With a 360° view, secure tracking is now a reality

automotive factory line

Improve commitments

Use end-to-end supply chain monitoring and accurate asset traceability to streamline processes. Precise location data helps you accurately predict ETAs and provide customers with guaranteed delivery dates.

close up of truck tyres

Avoid surprises

Real-time disruption alerts minimize the severity of surprises. Use the power of location intelligence to resolve issues before they impact your business.

two logistics workers on the shop floor

Make data-driven decisions

Improve security and efficiency with full visibility of all your assets. Connect data from multiple sources across your supply chain to improve planning decisions.

How location data can help

factory floor

Visibility that leads to savings

Find out how historical, real-time and predictive location intelligence leads to real savings for automotive supply chains.

Optimize with HERE

Transform your supply chain today:

  • Improve the visibility and traceability of your assets.
  • Use accurate location data to guarantee exact delivery dates to your customers.
  • Identify risks and address problems before they become critical.


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