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Join our webinar and learn how innovation helps overcome last mile delivery challenges

Join our webinar and learn how innovation helps overcome last mile delivery challenges

Fleet Management

Lower your operational costs and keep customers returning by using our location content and APIs to run your fleet management solutions

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Meet shifts in supply and demand head-on by operating at full-capacity safely and efficiently to improve driver productivity and customer satisfaction.

fleet trucks route points

Improve safety

Generate routes based on truck size, cargo and driver experience for better safety and compliancy to service hours laws.

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Enhance efficiency

Track your commercial vehicles in real-time to handle possible delays and communicate ETAs to operators and customers.

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Lower your costs

Address driver behavior based on road regulations and unsafe driving to lower your insurance premiums.

Keep your fleets moving

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Dynamic route optimization

Deliver on-time

Generate routes that consider last minute changes and multiple stops, special handling and time-sensitive goods. Delight your customers with predicted, accurate ETAs that ensure timely deliveries.

Key products

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Driver and job analysis

Address unsafe driving

Analyze driver behavior based on speed limits, hazardous road conditions and rest-time. Know when and where your drivers stop to generate safer routes that follow trucking regulations.

Key products

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Driver-facing solutions

Improve driver experience

Build mobile-first applications that include job scheduling, route changes and two-way communication. Help your drivers obey speed limits and complete more jobs in a day while in compliance with national laws.

Key products

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Commercial vehicle visibility

Track your trucks accurately

Locate and monitor your vehicles in real-time. Predict ETAs with more precise visibility into vehicles relative to their depots, warehouses and final destinations.

Key products

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Learn how our open and secure platform supports your business needs.

Once again, HERE is the world’s most complete platform in the market.

Omdia Report 2020

Efficiency versus safety

Why choose? Find out how logistics providers and freight forwarders can reach the optimal balance by using location-powered solutions.

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HERE ranks #1 again in Omdia's Location Platform Index

We're proud to have maintained our lead in Omdia's Location Platform Index 2020. It's always our goal to find new ways to move your business forward.

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  • Deliver on-time with efficient routes and accurate ETAs to improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve driver experience with mobile-first applications
  • Lower operational costs by analyzing driver behavior

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