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What to expect at HERE Directions this year — and why you can't miss it

HERE Directions 2022 - HERE360

HERE Directions 2022 includes sessions with innovators from AWS, DHL and Migros explaining how you can get a competitive edge with location technology in your supply chain.

Surviving and thriving in times of supply chain uncertainty has arguably become more challenging than ever.

At HERE Directions 2022, we've brought together business leaders and industry experts to share their experiences and insights into how you can use location technology to stay on top.

Find out what the key trends in logistics are right now from Dominique Bonte, Vice President, Verticals & End Markets, ABI Research and what the future of the metaverse will be from Intel's Tom Lantzsch.

Migros and BVL explain how fleets can meet their sustainability goals, while AWS and DHL give the lowdown on shifting to the data-driven, predictive supply chains that can give your organization the competitive edge over rivals. 

For developers, our evangelists will walk you through the HERE platform, its functionalities and capabilities. Even better, they will also demonstrate how you can use our products to solve challenges for the emerging EV market.

Sessions will also explore the future of the automotive industry, including how car manufacturers can respond to growing customer demand for digital services in the car, the electric vehicles of the future, automated driving, and much more.

Check out the full agenda to find out how location technology can help you.

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Beth McLoughlin

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