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Advance your transportation and logistics solutions

Routing solutions for TMS vendors and 3PL built on the world’s most comprehensive map

How HERE Technologies delivers value to TMS vendors and 3PL

  • USP 1

    Geocode with accuracy

    Pinpoint the geographic coordinates of a shipment’s origin and destination beyond postal code level to the highest level of precision, at record speed, anywhere around the world.

  • USP 2

    Calculate real truck distances and drive times

    Calculate travel distances and ETAs worldwide from doorstep to doorstep, which take into account real-time and historic traffic conditions and truck restrictions such as maximum height, width, weight and hazmat.

  • USP 3

    Help drivers comply with hours-of-service regulations

    Nearing the end of the day, HERE turn-by-turn navigation guides truck drivers to the nearest truck stop and reports the truck’s location.

  • TMS_USP 4 - private roads

    Route trucks in private areas

    Extend HERE maps by adding your own roads in rural and other unmapped areas in just a few clicks, and route trucks in private areas.

  • USP 5

    Include toll fees in shipment costs

    Gain better visibility of shipment costs by integrating up-to-date and vehicle-specific tolls in your TMS.

  • USP 6

    Streamline the supply chain with geofencing

    Use geofencing to trigger an alert when a vehicle approaches pick-up, drop-off or leaves its planned route, and issue a timely response.

HERE helps OTM reveal the future of transportation

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  • "HERE is becoming a stronger player in the mapping and navigation field and is building the foundations to establish itself as a digital platform provider of data services built on location information. HERE is keeping pace with, and in some cases moving ahead of, the changes occurring in the location and mapping industry.”

    • Neha Dharia
    • Senior Analyst
    • Ovum

  • “For the third year running HERE continues to outperform its competitors by providing superior levels of country coverage for both navigable maps, and indoor venues. Additionally, HERE provides superior hybrid offline functionality, and a comprehensive approach to supporting in-vehicle navigation."

    • Nitesh Patel
    • Director
    • Strategy Analytics

Simplify the integration of HERE Technologies with our support team

Run location services in the cloud with HERE Technologies or on your own private servers with our on-premise offering, and receive personalized support.