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HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning inside buildings

The intelligent way to pinpoint key locations

As more assets and devices move through our world, it’s getting harder to track their exact location – especially indoors.

HERE Indoor Positioning enables fast, highly accurate positioning indoors. It comprises two key components: the HERE Mobile SDK and HERE Indoor Radio Mapper tool.

The HERE Mobile SDK is a trusted SDK to build native apps, offering real-time visibility into the location of assets. The HERE Indoor Radio Mapper tool collects information on Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth beacons in a venue. Together, they create 3D indoor maps that give users clear context as to where they are.

HERE Indoor Positioning integrates with HERE Network Positioning, HERE Maps, HERE Venue maps, and indoor and outdoor routing.

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Watch how HERE Indoor Positioning simplifies tracking

Key differentiators

Seamless indoor positioning capabilities

Indoor Radio Mapper Mobile UI

Highly immersive

Create floor-by-floor, immersive maps to precisely locate and view assets.

HERE Radio Map Admin Desktop UI

A self-service approach

Monitor and manage Bluetooth beacons yourself, without intervention from HERE. Visualize and manage collected data as well.

Works offline

Pinpoint devices and assets without a network connection, as well as receive seamless navigation.

Public or private

Make use of both public and private venue maps to support faster deployments.

Ready to build?

Resources, guides and documentation to help you get started.

Developer benefits


Easy to build

APIs and SDKs for iOS and Android make it easy for developers to apply positioning, routing and guidance to indoor maps.

Robust technology

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons provide a reliable and accurate infrastructure for HERE Indoor Positioning.

Community support

Access code examples, toolkits and guides on GitHub, or ask development questions on our Stack Overflow community.

Dig deeper

iOS developer guide

Apply positioning in your iOS code.

Android developer guide

Apply positioning in your Android code.

Installation guide

Learn how to install HERE Indoor Positioning.

Radio Mapper user guide

Discover how to use HERE Indoor Radio Mapper.

Radio Map Admin Tool

Manage collected indoor data and Bluetooth beacons.

Indoor Radio Mapper App

Create radio maps in buildings from geo-referenced data.


Explore the features and benefits of HERE Indoor Positioning.

Get started with HERE Indoor Positioning

Accurately locate devices and assets today.

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