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Find out where you are, with or without GPS

With the number of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-enabled devices continuing to increase, being able to find out where you are is often taken for granted. As new, low-power IoT devices start reaching the market at scale, alternative types of positioning technology are required to deliver on those expectations.

HERE Positioning can play a vital role in improving the GNSS performance and enabling global positioning on devices without the GNSS chipsets. With one of the broadest positioning technology portfolios in the world, HERE Technologies delivers fast, accurate and global positioning services for any device anywhere, indoors or outdoors, online or offline. These services help you make the most of where you are.


HERE Positioning Services:


Assistance Data : HERE Assistance Data increases accuracy, improves battery life, and reduces time-to-first-fix from minutes to seconds. In addition to leveraging HERE Network Positioning, we integrate dozens of satellites from multiple constellations to radically improve performance and to predict satellite positions up to 14 days in advance, on devices in an offline mode.

Network Positioning : HERE Network Positioning, available via a native Mobile SDK or as a REST API, can determine a device’s location simply by using cellular towers and Wi-Fi access points. This global database of Cell-IDs and Wi-Fi access points is available in an online or offline mode, which is perfect for devices that need to carefully manage battery or data usage. 

Indoor Positioning : HERE Indoor Positioning, available through a Mobile SDK, provides accurate positioning inside buildings and determines which floor you are on. Coupled with HERE Venue Maps, Indoor Positioning can power engaging and compelling indoor applications for both consumer and enterprise use cases.  HERE Indoor Positioning integrates seamlessly into other services of the Mobile SDK to provide a complete outdoor-to-indoor experience.

Product benefits

HERE Positioning services offer global positioning with cross-platform compatibility and online APIs for use with any compatible connected device.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Seamless positioning

      By combining Assistance Data, Network Positioning and Indoor Positioning, location data is available on multiple platforms wherever you are and whenever you need it.

    • The HERE benefits

      Ease of use

      Whether you need a quick way to provide positioning information for low-cost wearables or you are developing a mobile application for smart offices or factories, HERE Technologies has a diverse set of tools to make the job easy.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Offline mode

      We leverage a global database of over 93 million cellular towers and over 2.3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots, which can also be downloaded directly to any device for offline network positioning.

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