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HERE WeGo can help you comply with the speed limit

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Users of the HERE navigation tool can use it to get warnings about their speed and keep within the limit when using it to plan routes.

Wherever you are in the world, HERE WeGo can tell you what the speed limit is and send you warnings if you need them.

The navigation tool, an alternative to Google and Apple Maps, shows you how fast you can go. You can set HERE WeGo so that it adapts this speed limit to a specific vehicle. For example, on some roads, you can only drive at a certain speed if you have a trailer attached to your vehicle.

“You can instruct the app to warn you when you exceed the speed limit,” Product Manager Andrei Dmitriev explained to HERE360. “You can choose the threshold — so it will warn you if you are about to go over one kilometer or more.”

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HERE has global coverage of speed limits, which are used to create Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) warnings in new vehicles. This is especially important as road signs are not available in some areas where the speed limit is implicit, and signs can also be obscured by weather or other factors.

They are also used, along with traffic information, to calculate the most accurate ETAs possible when drivers enter a route into HERE WeGo. “The app will compute the ETA via the speed which you gave to the app as your physical speed limit,” Dmitriev said.

The speed conscious can even find out where they will encounter speed cameras — although this option is not available in those territories where this is not permitted.

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Go your own way

HERE WeGo has settings and features catering to different kinds of road users. For example, motorcyclists can use HERE WeGo to plan routes designed specifically for their vehicles. The app also helps those with electric vehicles (EVs) get around based on where they need to stop to charge their vehicle. Information includes connector type and availability.

Multiple stops can be added to a route which can then be added to while in transit.

The map has also become increasingly rich over time. A recent new feature, hill shading, gives users an at-a-glance idea of elevation in certain areas.

Check back for regular updates, new features and services on HERE WeGo.

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