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What's the speed limit? New speed assistance tech helps drivers stay safe

What's the speed limit? New speed assistance tech helps drivers stay safe

Forget about the anxiety of driving without a visible speed limit. Intelligent Speed Assistance tech displays the rules of the road whether there's a sign or not.


With the ISA function, we are contributing to help reduce the number of accidents by always providing drivers and vehicles with correct speed limit information. — Volkmar Knaup, Head of ITS Product Segment, Continental


In 2019, Statista reported 3,046 fatalities caused by road accidents in Germany; 1,827 in Spain, and 696 in Greece.

As a result, the 2019 EU General Safety Regulations were aimed at shrinking the number of automotive deaths and injuries over a ten-year period.


By focusing on vehicle safety standards that integrate the use of location technology and Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). This feature is intended to prevent drivers from unintentionally surpassing speed limits.


How many times have you had to guess at the speed limit because of extreme weather conditions?



Always having the most accurate speed limit is no small task. Poor visibility, weather conditions, or the absence of signs can pose challenges to even the best sensors. In fact, according to our own field data, sixty percent of all speed limits across the European Union are implicit, so cameras alone will struggle to derive the correct speed limits when they are not in the line of sight. — Andrei Iordache, Global Automotive Manager, Industry Solutions, HERE Technologies.


HERE Technologies, Continental and Elektrobit are working together on ISA solutions that will support all new passenger and commercial vehicles by the year 2022 when they become mandatory.

To learn more about ISA systems, HERE360 spoke with two representatives from Continental: Volkmar Knaup, Head of ITS Product Segment, and Delphine Duperray, Customer Program Manager.**

Knowledge is safety

When asked about the motivating factor behind ISA, Volkmar Knaup answered: "Excessive speed is still a major factor for serious accidents... Drivers may not always be aware of the current speed limit due to complex traffic situations, missing speed limit signs, or weather conditions..."

It's true.

There are a lot of challenges to contend with when you're behind the wheel, many of which can distract from or conceal the rules of the road. Delphine Duperray explains further: "While driving, you need to pay attention to a lot of things: the other vehicles, potential dangers on the roads, warning signs, the direction – not to mention the kids in the backseat. Even the best drivers can miss some important information and feel a little confused sometimes. 

That's the purpose of ISA systems, to help drivers always acknowledge and comply with the legal speed limits. We contribute our eHorizon platform by providing up-to-date and map-based speed limit information... For example, even when there is no physical speed limit sign, or when the camera cannot correctly detect it. Our eHorizon platform combines HERE map information with our Continental in-house developed services and sends it to Elektrobit's EB robinos Predictor in one unique data stream."

This new ISA can see through the mire.

According to Continental's Head of ITS Product Segment, Volkmar Knaup, "Continental develops pioneering technologies to make commercial transport safer, more efficient, and more connected... including advanced driving assistance systems, as well as data-driven services such as eHorizon." Image credit: Continental.



As a part of a vehicle's Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), ISA displays the current speed limit inside the vehicle at all times and can even prevent unintended acceleration to keep the driver within the legal speed limit. This mechanism is a valuable part of an ADAS system that can help reduce both the frequency and severity of vehicle collisions.

So far The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) reports positive feedback with drivers who have used the service taking a short time to adjust.*


In 2024, ISA systems will become mandatory for all new model vehicles.



Paving the way for the future of driving

According to the EU Mobility and Transport Commission, there were approximately 22,800 fatalities and 120,000 serious injuries caused by vehicle accidents on European roads in 2019.*

HERE, Elektrobit and Continental's new ISA solution can help lower the number of crashes and related injuries in the future, in addition to smoothing the transition to autonomous driving tech for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and drivers.

"At the same time, the eHorizon Maps on Demand service reduces efforts for car manufacturers as the system only provides relevant information on-demand, based on the vehicle location... even when there is no embedded navigation solution and/or a temporary loss of connectivity," added Duperray.

ISA is an opportunity for OEMs to improve vehicle safety and increase consumer trust in automated driving solutions like HERE ADAS.


"With ISA, drivers are alerted when exceeding the allowed speed... Hence, the driver can focus on driving itself... this information can also be used by a speed control function like adaptive cruise control (ACC)." — Delphine Duperray, Customer Program Manager, Continental. 

Image credit: Continental


Of course, breaking the speed limit is illegal whether you're a human driver or an ADAS but an ISA can make it simpler for both. Duperray says: "...ISA is a must-have for self-driving cars under the condition that it is available and reliable enough. In this sense, a solution dependable on connected map data, electronic eHorizon, and cameras [can] build greater trust."

See the road ahead with HERE Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

*Source: Intelligent Speed Assistance for Safer Driving whitepaper, 2019

**Duperray and Knaup were interviewed on January 11th, 2021

Read more: "Intelligent Speed Assistance for Safer Driving"



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