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Looking for map updates for your vehicle?

Looking for vehicle map updates?

A man in an assembly line tracks progress using HERE Platform

Location moves the world forward

Transform your business with a location platform that moves people, goods and organizations safely and efficiently.

Transform your business with a location platform that moves people, goods and organizations safely and efficiently.

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A person driving a black convertible equipped with ADAS features and connected driving solutions


Drivers have access to more information than ever but leveraging this is the key to faster, safer and more enjoyable journeys. Discover how location data can power the connected, autonomous driving experience.

A person standing in front of a bike share docking station with bikes equipped for mobility as a service and urban mobility

Public Sector & Infrastructure

Overcoming the challenges of today will create the smart cities of tomorrow. Improve city living with location intelligence that reduces traffic, improves safety and empowers people to move in new and better ways.

A supply chain manager in a warehouse using a handheld device for logistics planning, optimizing ETAs and last mile delivery

Transportation & Logistics

Your customers now expect a seamless 24/7 delivery environment. We can help you build the best process from order to shipping to the last mile. Minimize disruptions and delays using real-time location data.

Built for developers, trusted by global organizations

See why HERE ranked #1 in the Omdia Location Platform Index, for the third year running.

Unlock the power of your location data

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Supply Chain Optimization

From the warehouse to the customer, full visibility of your supply chain is now a reality.

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Consumer Engagement

Apply location intelligence to your advertising for greater media accuracy and efficiency.

Man returning city bicycle for hire

Urban Mobility

Provide seamless and connected multi-modal journeys for your customers and passengers.

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Our platform provides comprehensive mapping content, an integrated suite of solutions, services and development tools and a marketplace for data to solve your complex location-based problems.

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HERE offers comprehensive support and documentation for JavaScript, REST and native mobile applications. Start a free trial of our APIs today.

Update your vehicle map

Powered by HERE, is the exclusive online map update retailer for the world's leading automotive brands.

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Move your business forward with our location technology that supports a wide variety of industries and use cases.