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HERE Maps are the foundation of the Reality IndexTM

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Unlocking the power of location intelligence

As the world changes around us every second of every day, the need for a living map has never been greater.

Building a digital representation of reality that is always accurate, fresh and rich is one of history’s biggest data challenges – and our goal is to solve it.

HERE Maps have been at the forefront of mapping innovations for decades, serving automotive OEMs, businesses and governments that require the most accurate location intelligence. Our map data is compiled through cutting-edge technology, leading industrial processes, and a global team of skilled geo-technicians, cartographers, engineers and programmers.

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See how we're creating a digital representation of reality

Creating a digital representation of reality

HERE True Car displaying map data coverage

Comprehensive coverage

The robust HERE map database contains 57 million kilometers of roadways that connect over 125 million Points of Interest, in more than 200 countries globally. We put the power of location at our customers' fingertips.

Man touching screen showing map data visualisation

Delivering fresh data

Freshness is an integral part of accurate mapping, which is why 100% of our validated map updates are released weekly, and we publish daily updates through our platform.

Highly accurate

With one of the highest accuracy levels in the industry, our validated map data ensures smooth organizational operations, enabling businesses to give accurate ETAs to customers, deliver on time, and meet stringent specifications.

Rich and detailed

Our goal is to maintain the most accurate index of reality. This drives us to deliver over 900 mapping attributes and continuously update our global road network coverage, so that businesses and institutions can build experiences that meet the demands of their customers.

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With our extensive global coverage, industry renowned levels of accuracy, plus integration of local insights, customers can navigate an ever-changing world.

How HERE Maps work

data collection and ingestion

Data collection and ingestion

We drive our 300+ cars to capture data, but also ingest data from third-party sources, communities, probe detection and OEM sensors.

data processing

Data processing

We have expanded our production staff and leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure we process data accurately and with speed.

data delivery

Data delivery

After shifting to cloud-based technologies, HERE implemented near real-time change delivery with CaaS, ensuring the freshest insights are delivered to drivers.

Under the hood

Accessing data is one challenge. Organizing and understanding it is another.

HERE Maps provide accurate, comprehensive and highly interactive maps and is the go-to destination for location services for any need, from public sector and infrastructure to healthcare, from transportation and logistics to media.

Since 2005, HERE has been building a new type of map that includes highly accurate features of road geometry, such as height, slope and curvature. HERE continues to add more layers, including HD accuracy, lane-level precision, and a tile-based mapping service.


Interactive Maps

Display map tiles and pre-rendered images (e.g., base, satellite, aerial) while customizing the map look and feel.

Map Images and AWS

Developing with Map Images using AWS Serverless Applications

The Future of Maps: ABI Research Report

Technologies, processes and ecosystem - the key trends in the role and use cases of digital maps by ABI Research and HERE.

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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