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High-precision mapping of geo-coordinates and addresses

Make smarter decisions

Being able to pinpoint the addresses of current and prospective customers, store locations and fixed assets is hugely beneficial in business.

It sets the foundation for smarter decision-making, which is why geocoding is used in many critical operations, such as market analysis, risk assessment, targeting, portfolio management, network investments and more.

At HERE, we believe that successful geocoding is based on quality, flexibility, functionality and experience. We provide access to highly accurate geocoding services that deliver on these points and excel in a variety of situations – whether a location represents a store, a business or an event.

Key differentiators

Comprehensive mapping that gets results

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Accuracy that boosts efficiency

Find accurate location information to deliver products or services at just the right place. Geocoding includes hyper-precise point addresses, which are comprised of house number data for more than 300 million addresses in over 65 countries. It provides the geography of both navigable and display positions.

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Gain highly relevant results

Quickly pinpoint a person, place, line or area that’s relevant to your search – even if input is incomplete or incorrect. Geocoding uses an intelligent ranking algorithm to provide accurate results when address input is ambiguous. It first compares the input to the results to assess relevance, then a match code, level and type are given. 

Spot opportunities, trends and patterns

Geocoding includes administrative and postal code boundary shapes that can be used as map overlays on various levels for states, countries, cities, districts and more. By producing maps of customers, locations and events from given addresses, your business can take advantage of trends, patterns and new opportunities.

Work with high volumes of data easily

Improve response time per single coordinate and boost the efficiency of your business. Our batch geocoder and multi-reverse geocoder enable you to add multiple addresses through a single file upload. The multi-reverse geocoder also allows hundreds of single coordinates to be sent in one request.

Get started with Geocoding

With hyper precise geocoding, intelligent ranking plus the ability to identify trends, enable businesses to accurately pinpoint every opportunity.

Product applications

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Transportation & Logistics

Supporting businesses on the move

Technical information

Under the hood

Geocoding provides comprehensive coverage in 196 countries and a number of territories with high-precision mapping of geo-coordinates and addresses.

It enables the optimization and processing of high volumes of data, and enables the multi-reverse geocoding of hundreds of coordinates in one request or batch geocoding of hundreds of addresses through single file uploads.

How Geocoding works

find an address

Find an address

Input a structured address or use a free-form address search. Geocoding provides fuzzy search capability when an address is misspelled or incomplete.

auto complete

Use autocomplete

Save time: Type three characters and see a list of potential matches. Geocoding presents street names, house numbers, cities, postal codes and countries for quick selection.

rank and match

Rank and match results

Geocoding provides and exact match for the address or a list of options ranked by relevance. These are compiled through a highly effective ranking algorithm.


Dig deeper

Tech documentation

Study our code and visual examples to understand what is possible with the Geocoding.


Giving you the insights, you need to raise the bar on your business.

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Developer tools

Obtain geo-coordinates for addresses, administrative areas for locations, plus for known landmarks.

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