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Indoor assets need indoor maps - bringing HERE Venues to Live Earth

Indoor assets need indoor maps - bringing HERE Venues to Live Earth

How do you logically connect the data from a door, a key-card reader and a security camera? Location – from HERE and Live Earth.

Live Earth is a mapping platform that provides time- and date-stamped geolocation services. Simply put, they can track just about any moving asset on any map. Historically, they’ve been tracking externally-oriented resources – people, planes, ships, moving buses – anything to which they’re connected that provides geolocation data. As GIS technology has evolved, and with the addition of HERE Venues, their tracking capability is now reaching indoors.

With the outdoors covered, Live Earth used HERE Venues to bring indoor maps into their stack of capabilities. Once they had the detailed floorplans of a building, they could then add sensors, door access controls, security cameras or any number of other assets needed to the detailed venue map and marry the detailed maps and monitoring tools within their front-end interface. This provides venue and building owners the ability to track resources as they move from inside, to outside, and back - all in the same context.

To describe a working use-case, imagine any building with a key-card controlled door. The elements of interest are a door, a card-reader, and a security camera. In an older system, this setup was limited to providing a video feed and a timestamp.

With the addition of a precise venue map, Live Earth can connect the geolocation of that door access control and the security camera, then monitor all the data coming from them in a cloud platform. From a user interface, that area and its data can be monitored within the context of the larger building map. If an issue should arise, administrative or security personnel can see exactly where the issue is, and they can easily view and access everything around the area within the building.

To accomplish this, Live Earth is aggregating multiple data types, pulled in from various sources and partners, producing a real-time and historic view of an indoor location with seamless indoor and outdoor context.

It’s one thing to drop a pin in a map and call it a security camera. It’s quite another to drop that pin, then have the ability to access the asset that pin represents, understand its data, and understand the context of what’s going in and around that pin’s space. This is where HERE and Live Earth coming together offers a powerful use case to customers, building owners and public safety personnel.

These data points – given location and historic visibility – provide clear solutions that building owners have previously never seen. If a floor of a building isn’t occupied on a Friday, a building manager can shut down the HVAC systems in that section – that’s simple. More valuable is that manager’s ability to look at that floor the previous Friday, and the Friday before that, leading to an insight-driven decision about automating building operations.

This new generation of tracking will provide building owners with the data to take the guesswork out of managing their venues and bring more insight-driven decisions into play in public and private spaces. We’re proud to work with Live Earth to solve these real-world challenges and bring new capabilities to the market.

Jim Leflar

Jim Leflar

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