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HERE Venues

All roads lead indoors


Seamless navigation, from outside to inside

Truly comprehensive map coverage goes beyond the road network. For a true digital representation of reality, it must include the “spaces between the roads and streets” – shopping malls, corporate campuses, hospitals, universities, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, museums, apartments, airports, train stations, and more.

With the acquisition of Micello, the leading provider of indoor maps and navigation data worldwide, HERE is ready to enable a new generation of location-aware applications for indoor environments.

HERE Venues delivers a platform to venue owners to create, edit and publish maps to a growing ecosystem of partner solutions.


A complete indoor location solution

With global coverage, HERE Venues provides industry-leading map data of indoor and outdoor venues, and has routing graphs available for all venue types.

Available in online and offline modes, HERE Venues is part of the HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, and is fully customizable to suit your specific needs. It leverages industrially captured, complete, continually quality-verified data to provide the highest levels of accuracy.

How HERE Venues works:

Collecting insights from different sources

HERE Venues imports different kinds of information about buildings from different sources such as CAD files, image files, and PDFs, ensuring rich and comprehensive digital representations.

Transforming insights into proper maps

The HERE Venues team uses sophisticated automated tools to transform source material into new structured map data, or uses it to update existing maps.

Made for easy development

The HERE Venues data format is an exceptionally flexible structure. Its uniformity and standardisation makes it easy to use for enterprise application development.


Gap-free mapping, from start to finish

HERE Venues goes beyond the road and streets – it includes accurate positioning data for the venues that lie in between. It gives users the ability to easily find their way around a complex venue, know where they are at any given time, and arrive at an exact location inside it.

Enhance movement

With HERE Venues, large-scale venues can eliminate bottlenecks, increase on-foot throughput, and make movement more efficient.

Simplify arrival

HERE Venues makes finding the best way to an indoor destination simple and fast. Users arrive happy and excited for what’s to come.

End-to-end navigation

Drivers can use HERE Venues for seamless last-mile to last-meter navigation to a parking space, and then to their final indoor destination.


Ready for a variety of uses

From boosting workforce mobility to simplifying parking, HERE Venues is a flexible and powerful indoor mapping solution for a range of public and private venues, across many different industries.

At the office

Help employees find their way around the office quickly and efficiently. HERE Venues makes it easy to find meeting rooms, kitchens, printing rooms and more, and provides the fastest, most convenient way to get there. It can be used as part of different office solutions, further enhancing the efficiency of facility managers and employees.

Healthcare facilities

Large healthcare facilities such as hospitals are often complex and difficult to navigate. With HERE Venues, patients can find their way to their appointments with ease and make it there on time. It also makes it possible to quickly locate expensive medical equipment and determine equipment availability, increasing efficiency.

Parking operators

HERE Venues helps drivers find parking garages that are closest to their destination. Once parked, it can guide them to their final destination and remember their vehicle’s location, no matter which level it’s on. And when it’s time to drive back home, HERE Venues can guide the driver back to the parking spot. It’s a complete, seamless solution for the entire journey.

Airlines and airports

Help passengers arrive at the airport and get to their departing gate on time. With HERE Venues, passengers are routed through ticketing, security and eventually to the gate. If they want to stop at a restaurant, shop or other point of interest along the way, it can show them the fastest and most convenient route to get there.

On-demand mobility providers

HERE Venues enhances the on-demand ride-hailing experience by providing more accurate pick-up and drop-off locations. It means passengers can get to their indoor destination quicker through the most suitable entrance, and drivers manage their time more efficiently and can pick up more passengers during the day. 

Public safety

HERE Venues plays an important role in public safety. As an example, it supports first responders in getting to a specific indoor location efficiently during an emergency, by helping them quickly find entrances and exits. This can help save lives and get people out of dangerous situations in schools, shopping centers, offices, and other places.

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