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Highly accurate maps, available worldwide


The value of mapping

People have become highly dependent on maps for precise orientation, reliable navigation and visualizing data. Maps need to be as accurate as possible for these reasons, but keeping up with second-by-second changes in the real world can be a challenge.

HERE provides fresh, high-quality, professionally-designed maps in over 196 countries, in multiple languages. They are available in a variety of map styles and rendering technologies.

Technical Information

A richer experience

In the context of software-as-a-service, maps are typically pre-rendered tiles or images used for different zoom levels, display options, views and schemes. The Maps component of HERE Location Services is specifically designed to allow for the addition of polygons, labels and other objects without overloading the user, in turn delivering a richer experience.

In addition, Maps provides high-resolution panoramic views of tourist attractions, historic locations, commercial centers and more. HERE Venue Maps takes things further by bringing the mapping experience indoors, helping people navigate airports, shopping malls, museums, universities and more.

How Maps works:

Building the foundation

The base map is the foundation of our mapping technology. Data is captured via a highly precise industrial process using our HERE True vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with Lidar and captures over 28TB of data every day – with centimeter accuracy.

Updating and publishing

Once map features are collected and added to the map database, they are published and made available as map tiles or images through HERE Location Services.

Giving access to maps

All our mapping features are available through a variety of APIs designed to support various screen options and operating systems. They provide access to different map types and styles, as well as overlay capabilities and resolutions.

Key differentiators

Value for a variety of use cases

Industry and real-world testing is used to ensure our maps are of the highest quality, consistency and accuracy. The value derived from our maps is applicable to a variety of industries and use cases and has supported the success of businesses around the world for decades.

Rich location insights for fleet management

Enhance the efficiency of your fleet operations. HERE provides access to professionally designed maps for fleet solutions that highlight country borders and highways, as well as toll roads within congestion charging zones. Highway exits are also made visible at lower zoom levels for deeper location insights.

Insightful satellite imagery

Make more informed decisions and plan with precision. HERE offers satellite and aerial imagery at various resolutions, including high-quality natural color imagery with little-to-no cloud cover for spatial analysis. This provides a clear and accurate view of Earth.

Indoor coverage

Deliver seamless mapping from outdoors to indoors. HERE Venue Maps makes it easy for people to find their way around 13,500 indoor venues in over 80 countries. It includes useful information on indoor facilities such as restrooms and allows users to switch floor levels and explore venue directories.

Various styles and views

Enjoy a flexible mapping experience with a variety of options. HERE provides map images and raster 2D map tiles with different zoom levels, display options, views and schemes - including professionally-designed base, terrain view and hybrid maps. Base maps feature day and night mode, transparent map tiles available as street and label overlays, fleet map for tracking mobile assets, and more.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Maps, get in touch with us directly.

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