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Consumer Engagement

Create more relevant, purposeful campaigns and a harmonized buying experience

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Get precise, relevant and contextual advertising campaign insights to engage your target audience and improve your ROI.

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Get audience insights

Gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and patterns to create hyper-personalized campaigns.

Brand Loyalty

Encourage brand loyalty

Create loyal customers through location-based advertising to improve the buying experience.

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Boost campaign ROI

Understand dwell time, foot traffic, store visits and purchases in order to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

Satisfy your customers

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Create meaningful campaigns

Get more refined audience segments by applying location technology and environmental factors to your customer data. Tailor promotions based on this insight to increase engagement.

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Sharpen your ad targeting

Create more relevant campaigns by using location intelligence to understand the precise shape of your target location. Be more confident that you are engaging your target audiences at the right time and place.

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Harmonize the buying experience

Retailers can leverage location data to make shopping experiences seamless. This includes more convenient ‘buy online, pickup in store’ options and last-mile delivery with real-time ETAs.

Ready to engage with your customers?

Learn how location data strategies can help improve customer experiences.

Customer stories

Glympse and HERE

Creating a sense of trust to meet customer expectations and demands.

“With HERE we can work with a true leader in the analytics, and the data and the information that we need to keep increasing and improving the experience for our customers.”

Chris Ruff, CEO, Glympse

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  • Understand your customers’ needs and reach them at the right moment, on their preferred channels
  • Improve your audience segmentation, location targeting and campaign measurement
  • Increase marketing ROI with contextual location insights

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