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January 5-8, 2023 | Las Vegas and online

HERE at CES 2023

Discover how you can build better with HERE. Revisit four days of exhibits, talks and announcements.

Build better with HERE

Deliver digital cockpits that meet your customers' expectations and build solutions that optimize tour planning, avoid disruptions and improve sustainability. Find out how location intelligence unlocks new opportunities for automotive, supply chains, fleet operators and enterprise software companies.

Conversations with our partners and customers

Peter Virk & Bill Schumacher-CES 2023

Offering drivers personalized guidance and journey recommendations

Peter Virk, VP of BlackBerry IVY Product & Ecosystem in conversation with Bill Schumacher, Senior Director Global Industry Solutions of HERE Technologies.

Johan Hägg & Leen Balcaen-CES 2023

Making roads safer for motorcycle riders

Johan Hägg, Marketing & Communication Director of NIRA Dynamics in conversation with Leen Balcaen, VP Product Management of HERE Technologies.

Zolzaya Chultembat & Ronak Amin-CES 2023

Creating precision navigation with three simple words

Zolzaya Chultembat, Senior Partnerships Lead/Head Automotive Japan of what3words in conversation with Ronak Amin, Global Product Marketing Manager of HERE Technologies.

Serino Angellotti & Laurel Davis-Lyons-CES 2023

Building the driving software for your digital cockpit needs

Serino Angellotti, Senior Chief Engineer of Lotus Tech Innovation Centre in conversation with Laurel Davis-Lyons, Director Industry Analyst Relations of HERE Technologies.

Brent Stafford & Anna Glockner-CES 2023

Advancing digital transformation across industries

Brent Stafford, Executive Director of Directed Technologies in conversation with Anna Glockner, Global Marketing & Communications of HERE Technologies.

Bill Vass & Stuart Ryan-CES2023

Solving the transportation and logistics challenges of today

Bill Vass, VP of Engineering at AWS in conversation with Stuart Ryan, General Manager Americas at HERE Technologies.

Revisit this year's topics

Build next-generation driving experiences

CES 2022

Build next-generation driving experiences

Discover how using map data, embedded navigation and location technology supports OEMs in delivering the next generation of connected, electrified and automated driving experiences.

Build predictive logistics solutions

CES 2023

Build predictive logistics solutions

Learn how predictive analytics make supply chain planning smarter, multimodal ETAs more accurate and inventory management more efficient to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency.

Automotive trends and insights


In discussion with ABI Research

As fully automated driving continues to move forward, we're witnessing major advancements in L2, L2+ and now L3. Watch our session with analyst James Hodgson to uncover the latest trends and find out what you can expect to see in 2023.

In discussion with SBD Automotive

Revisit 2022 with key automotive trends from 2022 and get a closeup of CES 2023 highlights with Andrew Hart of SBD Automotive. Find out what trends will move the industry in 2023 and learn about the biggest challenges the year will bring.

Join us at CES 2023

Discover how you can build better with HERE.