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#BuiltWithHERE 5 min read

How Korem provides location intelligence with HERE

korem builtwithhere

#BuiltWithHERE is a series that showcases how developers are using the HERE platform to solve location-related business problems using location data. Each post highlights developer solutions and apps that are timely, innovative, and transformative. Today, we’ll explore Korem, a leading geospatial data and software provider that uses HERE APIs and data to empower businesses across various industries.

For nearly 20 years, HERE Technologies and Korem have been proud partners supporting key customers across the retail, telecommunications, insurance, utility and transportation industries. Today, Korem is a HERE Diamond partner, and was recognized as #1 Regional HERE Partner Reseller of the year in 2023 for Americas. While HERE focuses on developing the best location products on the market, Korem’s value stands on bringing expertise to the table and being able to strategically recommend exactly what the customer wants.

HERE's global data quality and completeness drive efficiency for our customers worldwide



HERE APIs used

Korem leverages a diverse range of HERE APIs and data to build their end-to-end solutions for geospatial projects: 

  • HERE Geocoding and Search API: Accurately geocoding addresses and finding relevant places of interest (POIs), such as business locations and landmarks. 
  • HERE Traffic Analytics: Historic traffic speed data.
  • HERE Real-time Traffic: Providing up-to-the-minute real-time traffic updates about traffic flow, incidents and road closure to predict routes accurately.
  • HERE Routing API: Calculating drive-times and optimal routes considering traffic.
  • HERE EV Charge Points API: Lists of charging stations within a specified area, including data on connector types, opening hours, and their location.


Industry Solutions by Korem

Korem helps their customers with business intelligence and forecasting, as well as, in site selection, using HERE data and APIs. They serve the following industries:  

1. Fuel Retail

In the fuel retail space, Korem works with major fuel retailers, such as Shell and Marathon, leveraging external insight to evaluate site potential and measure performance, and ultimately to optimize profits for each site. They also provide competitive insights. They use HERE's historical and real-time traffic analytics data from vehicles and personal devices. Correlating the sales data from the retailers with the historic and live traffic data, they show how transportation impacts customer buying choices. They illustrate what people are buying, as well as when and where they are buying. 

Korem also helps stores visualize their competitors and customers – see where profitable customers live, where they go, understand the social-economic demographics of customers, buying behaviors by time of day and day of week.

Korem helps Pricing Managers make data-driven decisions, and measure the impact of these decisions.

Fuel Retail Korem

2. Geomarketing

Geomarketing uses location-based consumer data to get insights that are leveraged into the marketing strategy. Korem analyzes demographic data and customer behavior within geographic areas to create targeted marketing campaigns. They use the HERE Traffic API and geofencing for targeted customer engagement. 

Research proves that location data boosts the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by up to 80%.

3. Site Selection for EV

On average, EV drivers spend a dollar per minute at local establishments when recharging their EV. Placing EV chargers in retail parking lots, at gas stations convenience stores, restaurants and malls is an effective strategy to boost sales. 

Korem helps EV charging companies evaluate each location’s potential. They help develop an EV strategy through location data and site analytics. To help choose the best location, the right charging speed and predict the performance of the potential EV charger, Korem develops an accurate geospatial data model using authoritative data from HERE. They use HERE EV Charge Point data to get up-to-date information of the existing charging station, HERE Traffic API to identify high-traffic areas, and points of interest with HERE Geocoding and Search API. Consumption based isoline routing helps in understand trade area based on routing time or distance, including EV-aware routing.

4. Retail

Korem uses HERE Traffic data, points of interest (POI) and HERE Routing API to serve their retail clients. They help retailers find best locations for placing new stores and analyze store performance using vehicle traffic data and foot traffic data. They help gather data on store performance, market conditions and the customers’ behavior in each area. By comparing vehicle and mobile data, retailers can compare changes in traffic flow for sales forecast, improving brand awareness and creating an accurate picture of their consumer demographics. Nearby businesses and other POI data helps in understanding business drivers that contribute to bringing customers to a store. Also in a store locator, using accurate geocoding, and driving distance accurately calculates the closest store, and drive time estimate.

Korem mobility data


Korem helps their customers by combining the mobility data from HERE with their database of record to make it easier for them to perform location analytics. In an upcoming blog post, we'll share how Korem uses HERE data for EV charging station site selection. In the meantime, watch their latest webinar on EV charging station site selection and join us in congratulating Korem as they just celebrated their 30th anniversary!

Mohini Todkari

Mohini Todkari

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