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February 2023 Platform Release Notes

 Here's what's new with the latest HERE platform release.

Here's what's new with the latest HERE platform release.

(new) HERE Raster Tile API v3 released

The HERE Raster Tile API is a REST API that allows you to request map tile images for all regions in the world. 

It is the successor of the classic Map Tile API v2, inheriting all its best functionality and going beyond, offering detailed map tiles of Japan (GeoTechnologies, Inc. data), a new Explore style, matching other HERE map visualization products, featuring more HERE Places categories and advanced HERE content. 

The service supports base, satellite and hybrid satellite map views, day and night map schemes, supports multiple languages and geopolitical views, offers an option to visualise truck restrictions and environmental zones.

More exciting features are in development.

If you are using the HERE Map Tile API v2 today, we invite you to upgrade to the new HERE Raster Tile API v3.
In case you are looking for more flexible styling and rendering capabilities, please consider switching to HERE Vector Tile API v2, which is best used together with HERE Maps API for JavaScript and HERE Style Editor.


raster tile

HERE Style Editor v1.1 released

Among a variety of other improvements, HERE Style Editor v1.1 enables the customization and display of POI label color, ski areas, one way arrows, country-specific highway shields and provides a possibility to inspect the data properties of map objects with a picking option. A blog post discussing more about the new features is available in this blog post. Customized styles from HERE Style Editor can seamlessly be used with HERE SDK (Explore, Navigate), Maps API for JavaScript and HERE Navigation.

HERE Raster Tile API integrated into Maps API for JavaScript 

The HERE Web SDK Maps API for JavaScript ( is seamlessly integrating HERE Location Services to realize a wide range of browser-based use cases with spatial reference.
The Raster Tile API is now integrated to succeed the Map Tile API provider. It can be utilized as an additional option (next to Vector Tile API) to display the HERE map, in particular the hybrid satellite map views.

Launched HERE Traffic Vector Tile API 

The HERE Traffic Vector Tile API was launched and is available as part of the Base plan and also on the HERE Marketplace. The Traffic Vector Tile API delivers a transparent and customizable visual representation of Real-Time Traffic Flow and Incidents using the vector tile specification. The service contains a separate API for Flow, Incidents and Incident Icons.  Traffic vector tiles contain specific traffic information and geometries (such as points and lines) that define polyline that are typically passed to a renderer to create a traffic visualization.

The Traffic Vector Tile can be combined with HERE Vector Tile to view traffic on a HERE Map. The service allows for customizable traffic visualization based on user preferences, such as different traffic coloring on roads.   

HERE Traffic Vector Tiles Documentation

Toll Cost calculation available via Routing v8

The Toll Cost calculation service has now been moved to HERE Routing v8 and is now accessible via the HERE Routing v8 endpoint.

HERE Toll Cost calculates the toll costs for a given route taking into account various vehicle profiles or calculates the cost-optimized route based on toll and vehicle costs.


Route Import

The Route Import service is a REST API that accepts GPS trace points and a sub-set of routing parameters and is part of the HERE Routing v8 service. The resulting response will contain a list of routes, which can then be used to consume additional map attributes on the driven path and other parameters such as ETA, traffic incidents, etc.


New Chart visualizations in Usage Manager

Usage Manager on the HERE platform now offers charts to visualize your usage data and help you quickly identify trends and anomalies.  This enhancement makes it simple to detect and track usage in an easy-to-understand format.  You can easily access these charts on the Usage Dashboard using the toggle switch.

Getting Access to the new services on Platform

Last month we released the following new services and features to Platform, now available as part of Base plan. 

  • Raster Tile API v3 (a successor of Map Tile API v2)
  • Traffic Vector Tile v2

New features of Routing v8 :

  • Route Import
  • Toll Costs

If you have a specific interest in one of these services or features, please file a support ticket through the Support Portal and we will be able to provide access for you shortly.

Speed up address entries with new Autocomplete

The Geocoding and Search v7 Autocomplete endpoint is out of beta. The endpoint is now generally available with complete support.

The /autocomplete endpoint speeds up entering an address by automatically completing partial input to a street address or administrative area. After selecting a relevant suggestion, the customer application can retrieve the geo-coordinates for the suggested result using the /lookup endpoint.

autocomplete query and result

Vehicle reloads feature released on HERE Tour planning to increase vehicle utilization

Dispatchers can now plan vehicles to do multiple trips per tour enabling them to increase vehicle utilization and decrease the number of drivers needed.  

A typical last mile use case for this feature is when vehicle capacity is reached but the vehicle shift allows additional deliveries. With the vehicle reloads feature, the vehicle can deliver the first round with full capacity, come back to depot or other location, and deliver again in more rounds. The reload is limited to 5 times per shift. 


Christo Mitov

Christo Mitov

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