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The future of navigation is about more than just getting to the destination. Navigation will be deeply personal and useful throughout the day, inside and outside of the vehicle. It will know exactly who’s behind the wheel and anticipate the driver’s needs along the way. It should also provide information to drivers in a way that doesn’t distract them, but instead makes their daily commute safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Not only are drivers demanding more innovative and personalized experiences behind the wheel – the industry is also asking for more. When it comes to infotainment and embedded navigation systems, automotive OEMs are looking for more efficient, scalable solutions.


HERE Technologies offers a wide range of navigation and infotainment solutions to meet the changing needs of the driver. From the world’s most comprehensive map to our high quality Traffic Services, to our solutions for customizable and personalized infotainment software, HERE Technologies has the industry covered – exactly what manufacturers can expect from the company at the forefront of mapmaking and location-based services for the last 30 years.

    • The HERE benefits


      Making journeys safer and more reliable by alerting drivers of upcoming events in a comfortable and intuitive way, and providing an understanding of the road beyond what the eye can see.

    • Discover the HERE benefits


      Making driving more efficient by optimizing driving routes for a comfortable and time-effective experience, and providing dynamic information on fuel stops, parking, charging stations, and more for better informed decisions.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Personalized experience

      Making the driver experience more personal by learning patterns and preferences and providing contextually-relevant content when needed.

"The connected data sharing strategy championed by HERE continues to result in an impressive number of vehicles sold globally with the company’s maps on board, now exceeding 100 million."

  • ABI Research
    HERE Connects the Edge to the Cloud Through an Intelligent In-vehicle Software and Open Location Platform, Enabling an End-to-End SolutionFebruary 13, 2017Download now

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Paving the way to self-driving cars

Built on highly accurate and trusted map content, HERE Electronic Horizon provides map content, service and software solutions to help the vehicles advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) make more intelligent and informed decisions without driver involvement.

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Build automotive grade experiences

Get quick and flexible development tools to create engaging embedded experiences.

Learn how HERE Automotive SDKcan improve navigation and infotainment to benefit your drivers

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Create personalized experiences

Enrich the driving experience with services like weather, EV charging, fuel, and off-street parking.

Learn howHERE Automotive Services can improve Navigation and Infotainment to benefit your drivers

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Improve navigation experiences

Provide drivers with a higher degree of real-time traffic accuracy – and predict its future impact.

Learn how HERE Traffic can improve navigation and infotainment to benefit your drivers

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