HERE Venues

Mapping the spaces between the streets

Truly comprehensive map coverage doesn’t begin and end with the road network. What about finding your way around the ‘spaces between the streets’ – shopping malls, hospitals, universities, stadiums, factories, museums, airports and train stations, to name a few?

By using a fully-immersive 3D representation of indoor locations, HERE Venues provides seamless navigation from outside a chosen venue to the exact place end users need to be on the inside. And once inside, end users are shown the best routes to navigate from one part of the venue to another. With coverage already available in nearly 15,000 locations globally, HERE Venues provides industry-leading coverage of indoor and outdoor venues and has routing graphs available for all venue types.

Available with HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, in online and offline modes, this product is fully customizable to suit whatever specific needs you have. And like all our products, HERE Venues uses industrially-captured, complete, and continually quality-verified data to provide the highest levels of accuracy.

Product Benefits

There are no more gaps in your mapping needs as we map not only the streets, but also the places between the streets.

    • The HERE benefits

      Efficient movement

      Large-scale venues of any type can use indoor navigation to eliminate bottlenecks and make on-foot throughput and movement more efficient.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Reduced stress

      HERE Venues reduces the stress and eliminates the frustrations that end users can experience when trying to find the best way to their indoor destination.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Seamless ‘last mile’ to ‘last meter’ navigation

      Drivers can use HERE Venues for seamless ‘last mile’ to ‘last meter’ navigation to a parking space and then on foot to their final indoor destination.

Benefit from comprehensive venue coverage

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Help employees find their way around the office quickly and efficiently. By using HERE Venues, employees can locate their desired destination, whether it’s a meeting room, kitchen or print room, and determine the fastest and most convenient way of getting there, saving them time and helping to reduce stress. By combining Venue Maps and Indoor Positioning, HERE provides a solution that allows employees and facility management to know what’s happening at the office at any given time and make the office environment more efficient and enjoyable.

Healthcare Facilities

Large healthcare facilities such as hospitals are often complex and difficult to navigate. With HERE Venues, patients can find their way to their appointments with ease and make it there on time. This helps doctors stick to their schedules and see all their patients each day, making appointments a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. It is also possible to quickly locate expensive medical equipment and determine equipment availability, increasing efficiency further. The data on historical location of equipment can be visualized and analyzed using HERE Venues and Geovisualization tools, which help optimize asset utilization.

Parking Operators

HERE Venues can help a driver route to the parking garage closest to their destination. Once the vehicle is parked, HERE Venues can help the driver continue to navigate to their final destination and remember their vehicle’s location, no matter which level it’s on. Once the passenger is ready to return to the vehicle, HERE Venues assists in routing them back to the correct parking spot. This multimodal functionality provides passengers with a seamless, complete solution for their entire journey, from in the car to on foot and vice versa, while also powering a parking operator’s application.

Airlines & Airports

Help passengers with their journeys to the airport and to get to their departing gate and connections on time with HERE Venues. Once a traveler enters an airport, HERE Venues assists them with routing through ticketing, security and eventually to the gate. If a passenger is interested in visiting a specific point of interest, such as a restaurant or shop, HERE Venue Maps shows them the fastest and most convenient route there, helping to reduce the number of missed flights.

On-Demand Mobility Providers

HERE Venues helps enhance the on-demand ride-hailing experience. By providing more accurate pick-up and drop-off locations, HERE Venues helps passengers get to their indoor destination quicker via the most suitable entrance, and helps drivers manage their time more efficiently and pick up more passengers on any given day. Thus HERE Venues ensures drivers and passengers alike have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.