HERE Map Content Suite

Cutting-edge mapping solutions that enable businesses to leverage the power of location.


Delivering location experiences that stand out

HERE has been at the forefront of mapping for decades. The map is at the heart of everything we do, as we understand the importance of creating a digital representation of our fast-paced, ever-evolving world.

The HERE Map Content Suite is built on this passion and expertise, and provides cutting-edge mapping solutions for a variety of industries – from automotive, to logistics, to city infrastructure, and beyond. Using global location data that is accurate, rich, fresh, and complete, you can deliver more valuable and beneficial experiences to your customers.

Highly accurate

With one of the highest accuracy levels in the industry, our validated map data ensures smooth organizational operations, enabling businesses to give accurate ETAs to customers, deliver on time, and meet stringent specifications.

Rich and detailed

Our goal is to maintain the most accurate index of reality. This drives us to deliver over 900 mapping attributes and continuously update our global road network coverage, so that businesses and institutions can build experiences that meet the demands of their customers.

Delivering fresh data

Freshness is an integral part of accurate mapping, which is why we've been publishing 100% validated map updates on a weekly basis since 2013. We also publish 75% of our map data every single day. Looking ahead, we are preparing for even faster speeds.

Comprehensive coverage

Today we offer the world’s most complete automotive and enterprise coverage. The robust HERE map database contains data for 200 countries and territories, and more than 56 million kilometers of roadways. We also provide close to 150 navigable maps.


Pushing the boundaries of location

HERE as a thought leader

Time and time again, HERE has demonstrated its innovative thinking. We built the first ever robot to be used in a map-making operation. We use integrated robotics in the data validation process in order to increase speed, efficiency, and to test products from the end-user perspective. We also initiated SENSORIS, the first open specification for how vehicle sensor data gathered by connected cars could be sent to the cloud for processing and analysis. We believe that pooling analogous vehicle data from millions of vehicles will be a key enabler for highly and fully automated driving.

From automation to transformation

Every day, we collect map data from millions of sources, ensuring an accurate digital representation of the real world. We are dedicated to evolving and making this map even better through the application of automation and machine learning, while maintaining a strong focus on product innovation and portfolio expansion. For you, this ensues a superior competitive advantage.

"HERE is the undisputed leader in the location ecosystem.”

Neil ShahResearch Director, Counterpoint Research

“HERE has outscored its major competitors across map and navigation country coverage.”

Nitesh PatelDirector, Strategy Analytics

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