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Fleet Telematics

Advanced location algorithms for complex industry use cases


Advanced location technologies

More businesses than ever are using the power of location to make sense of data and improve daily operations. But now it’s time to go beyond simple mapping and solve complex location challenges with advanced technologies.

Fleet Telematics drives innovation, speeds up operations, enhances quality of support and boosts cost efficiency when developing applications – all to ensure that businesses get a competitive edge.

Technical Information

Built to save businesses time and effort

Alongside standard location services such as mapping, geocoding and routing, HERE provides access to functional services that solve specific location problems that many businesses face in their daily operations. Nowhere is this more relevant than in fleet planning, transport and logistics.

Fleet Telematics services deliver complex and sophisticated algorithms that are ready to be used within any application environment. This means, for example, that businesses needn’t build a geofence algorithm from scratch, or calculate toll costs for a particular route.

Robust location functionalities, built by our experts in location, are ready to do the heavy lifting right out of the box. Businesses can also take advantage of additional datasets that they can either upload or obtain from our extensive library of map content.

Fleet Telematics bundle:

Custom Location

Enrich your mapping applications with custom POIs and polygons. Enable search by attribute, proximity, bounding box, route corridor or isoline along a route.

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Monitor assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area, anywhere in the world. Customize the search radius around a position for triggered alerts.

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Platform Data

Provide additional levels of geospatial context with datasets like speed limits, census boundaries, distance markers, traffic signs, postal polygons, ADAS and more.

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Waypoints Sequence

Calculate the optimal sequence of waypoints for shortest distance, shortest driving time or incremental commercial value at pickup points along a route.

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Toll Cost

Calculate cost-optimized routes based on toll and vehicle costs, while considering parameters applicable to various countries, such as pass validity options, currency and payment methods.

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Route Match

Match GPS traces to the HERE road network to see the most probable route a vehicle has taken. Identify illegal maneuvers while assuming legal usage of the public road network.

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Custom Route

Build custom routes considering your own road restrictions and geometries. Block existing roads, remove existing roadblocks and add new road geometries to the road network.

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Fleet Connectivity

Enable connectivity between a backend system and a navigation application on a mobile device. Send destinations directly to a device to receive automatic ETAs.

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Out-of-the-box benefits

Fleet Telematics offers advanced technical solutions for businesses looking to save time and effort, yet still achieve the results they need to succeed.

Highly advanced algorithms and services

We work closely with key partners to understand their needs and develop algorithms that solve the most complex location problems. From matching GPS points to a road network to changing the geometries and restrictions for a particular road, HERE provides out-of-the box services that save businesses time and effort. This time and effort can be better spent on building innovative applications, optimizing processes, and other essential operations.

Extraordinary and relevant location data

Location data that supports particular verticals and use cases – such as transport, logistics, infrastructure and planning – is becoming highly valuable. HERE helps businesses find efficiencies in their industry by connecting them with data sets and services that are useful and applicable to them. Examples include speed limits for trucks, road inclines, road curvatures, lane dividers, lane markings, junction visuals, census boundaries, demographic data, postal polygons, and more.

Administrative tools for superior data management

HERE provides access to administrative tools that support all functions related to data upload, storage and management. They support a variety of data types with lat/long, shapes and geometries, as well as layers for the flexible handling and displaying of data on various map formats. With these tools, businesses can perform isoline searches along a route or integrate custom-made road segments into the HERE routing algorithm. Different user access roles and rights enable seamless collaboration.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Fleet Telematics, get in touch with us directly.

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