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Building tomorrow’s road network

At HERE, we’re paving the roads of the future – not with asphalt, but with data. The autonomous future is not defined by a single car but rather its network. With HERE Automotive, we’re creating a real-time digital representation of the world through the collective intelligence of all vehicles on the road.

HERE Technologies delivers end-to-end automotive solutions to help build customer brands, while shortening their value chain. Our customers are fully equipped to build in-vehicle platforms to help their customers eliminate challenges on the road - making faster, smarter decisions at every twist, turn and destination.

HERE can provide unmatched value to drivers today, and well into the future.

A foundation of best-in-class Map Content

When it comes to maps, HERE Technologies stands in a class of its own. We offer the most comprehensive coverage, and the freshest, highest quality map content in the industry – the reason why 4 out of 5 cars equipped with navigation systems in North America and Europe use our maps. By combining big data and the power of pinpoint location context, we are providing more meaningful insights to drivers and vehicles alike.

On top of our Map Content, we’ve developed a robust portfolio of automotive solutions that work together seamlessly to support in-vehicle platforms.

In-Vehicle Infotainment:

Turning every journey into a personalized guidance experience

Driving is no longer about navigating from A to B. HERE In-Vehicle Infotainment, with a collection of client-based software assets, turns navigation into guidance, intuitively serving personalized information to drivers to make their road experience more seamless, more efficient and more enjoyable.

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Connected Vehicle Services:

Turning road data into better driving decisions

HERE is powering the connected car revolution. HERE Connected Vehicle Services uses rich vehicle sensor data, location analytics, leading software technology and a driver’s personal preferences and habits to give drivers and their vehicles the information they need to make better decisions on the road.

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Self-healing maps for autonomous vehicles

HERE is leading the industry in building the high-definition map, at scale, that automated vehicles need to effectively maneuver and understand the road ahead. By aggregating a multitude of data sources, including accurate location-based data, crowdsourced rich vehicle sensor data, and machine learning innovations, we’re creating a map that maintains itself. Maps for cars, by cars.

Highly Automated Driving:

Closing the loop between cars, the road, and the cloud

To support the evolution towards self-driving, HERE is focused on fusing assets such as map content, connected services, self-healing maps and artificial intelligence to create a more precise picture of the road – a lane-level, real-time representation of the road network down to a few centimeters’ accuracy that is updated as the road network changes.

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"If you don't have a perfect map, how do you know where you are on the road? Once you have the right information, the actual calculations are not that hard. But you need centimeter-level accuracy. If your steering command is half a millimeter off, you might end up in the other lane."

Maarten SierhuisDirector, Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley (Source: Fast Company, Jan. 9, 2015)

"High-precision digital maps are a crucial component of the mobility of the future."

Dieter ZetscheChairman of the Board of Management, Daimler AG (Source: HERE acquisition press release, Aug. 3, 2015)

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