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HERE In-Vehicle Infotainment

Paving the way for personalized smart guidance and performant ADAS

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Taking navigation to the next level

Today’s connected world has fundamentally changed driver expectations.

Embedded navigation is no longer just about getting from A to B. Drivers expect the latest features, up-to-date content and contextually relevant information at every step of the journey. Seamless integration of mobile for pre-trip planning, first-mile and last-mile guidance has become mandatory, while OEMs are also increasingly required to make use of map data to ensure optimal ADAS performance.

HERE’s IVI portfolio provides OEMs with the essential software building blocks to develop these next-generation embedded guidance solutions.


Smart, personalized guidance

Drivers want the right information at the right time, with minimum interaction and distraction. HERE enables the embedded navigation system to learn user behavior and preferences to provide customized and relevant recommendations along the way.

Getting from door to door

The need for guidance is not limited to the vehicle. Drivers want a solution that integrates pre-trip planning, locating and reaching the vehicle, last mile guidance as well as seamless multi-modal travel. HERE ensures the seamless integration of mobile and desktop applications with the vehicle, making this end-to-end experience possible.

Improved safety, comfort and efficiency

Vehicle hardware sensors have a limited range and detecting signs in extreme weather can be challenging. HERE Electronic Horizon helps driver assistance systems to make sense of the road ahead – from a few meters to several hundred kilometers.


Smarter guidance for the future

Guidance in the age of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles will change mobility and embedded navigation solutions need to embrace this change. From the simple search for charging stations and calculating vehicle range based on charge, to optimizing routing recommendations based on road geometry and typology insights, HERE provides a robust set of software and services to support electric vehicles.

Preparing ADAS for the future of autonomous driving

HERE Electronic Horizon is the first to support the new ADASISv3 standards, decoupling its transport mechanism from CAN bus and enabling integrators to make use of richer, connected HD live map data. This makes HERE Electronic Horizon the ideal solution to support future ADAS architecture and upcoming autonomous driving applications.


Leading software assets for connected navigation solutions

In-Vehicle Infotainment software


State-of-the art navigation core enabling self-learning, hybrid content handling and ADAS support.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment software

HERE Auto Mobile SDK

Software assets for location-based mobile applications targeting vehicles and pedestrians.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment software

HERE Electronic Horizon

Anticipatory data and sensor support for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications.

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The new Audi MMI system offers HERE next-generation navigation technology and electronic horizon software - designed to make every drive safer, more convenient and efficient.

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Experience HERE guidance features in the new Audi MMI

The Audi A8 integrates an array of advanced navigation and location technology from HERE to provide guidance that is deeply personal and useful throughout the day.

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