HERE Departure Alerts

Making journeys more efficient, before they even begin


Relieving stress on the road by delivering personalized traffic information

City driving, congestion and stress go hand-in-hand. Drivers are looking to their navigation systems to relieve some of the pressures of driving.

HERE Departure Alerts learns a driver’s travel patterns and offers the most efficient route, without any input from the driver.

Technical Information

HERE Departure Alerts: Under the hood

HERE Departure Alerts is a RESTful service that learns a driver’s regular destinations and frequently traveled routes between those destinations by time and day. The service helps drivers reach their destination as comfortably and efficiently as possible by combining learned driver preferences with HERE Real-Time Traffic to proactively deliver useful information on road conditions.

How the service works:

Commute learning

Drivers are creatures of habit. HERE Departure Alerts learns a driver’s travel patterns, such as common destinations and which routes they prefer to take, based on when and where they start their journey. The learnings happen in the Cloud.

Fusing Real-Time Traffic

HERE Departure Alerts combines the learned habits of a driver with HERE Real-Time Traffic data to help drivers plan their route. The service offers the highest quality flow and incident data available, delivering up-to-the-minute information that helps drivers always be on time.

Predicting destinations

Based on the time and location of departure, HERE Departure Alerts predicts the most likely destinations and routes for the driver, complete with accurate ETAs. Now even before getting into their cars, drivers know which route to take to avoid heavy traffic.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Informed departures, quicker arrivals

Building end-to-end experiences

HERE Departure Alerts goes beyond the car. The service provides OEMs the opportunity to differentiate their brand and extend their value to the driver outside of the traditional journey through supported mobile companion use cases.

Personalized guidance

Without any manual input from a driver, the service automatically learns common destinations and routes based on what day and what time a journey begins. So drivers have all the information they need to get to their destination as quickly as possible, right from the get-go.

Powered by HERE Real-Time Traffic

HERE Departure Alerts is built fusing HERE Real-Time Traffic, which takes data from a variety of sources, including rich vehicle sensor data, to ensure richness, freshness and accuracy. HERE Real-Time Traffic covers flow in 63 countries and incidents in 31 countries.

Proactive traffic insights

HERE Departure Alerts knows to proactively notify drivers of what the traffic situation is on the trip they’re about to take. This allows drivers to think about whether to adjust their paths or simply continue with peace-of-mind.

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