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The future of the connected car

The connected vehicle revolution is upon us. OEMs are now able to deliver the freshest content drivers demand while enabling vehicles to become more intelligent.

HERE Technologies is a one stop shop for location-based services for connected cars – a trusted partner to help develop your offering.

HERE Connected Vehicle Services (CVS) combines advanced location analytics, leading software technology, and a driver’s personal preferences to make driving more informed, safer and enjoyable.

More informed driving

With a constant feed of fresh, quality information about their routes, drivers know what’s down the road and can prepare for changing road conditions in advance.

Safer journeys

HERE Connected Vehicle Services turns data into knowledge. By knowing what obstacles are on the road ahead, drivers can proactively handle dangerous situations.

Making driving enjoyable

HERE Connected Vehicle Services guides more enjoyable journeys by answering route-related questions about where to park, where to fill up or charge, where to slow down and how fast to drive.


Equipping cars for the future

Richer data sources, unprecedented data accuracy

HERE has introduced the industry's first automotive services based on real-time vehicle sensor data that is pooled across multiple car brands. This allows us to create a near-real time depiction of the road environment. With this richness and accuracy of data, the future holds safer, more efficient journeys for billions of people around the world. Fusing these services with a high-definition map paves the way towards fully autonomous driving.

All the services in a single portfolio

The HERE CVS Portfolio combines content from multiple local and regional sources into one offering, becoming the industry’s partner of choice for fresh, rich and high quality connected services.

Driving, personalized

HERE Connected Vehicle Services enables OEMs to differentiate their brands and provide customers with the driving experience they demand. Instead of a driver manually checking traffic conditions on a commonly-used route, they can be fed personalized information, notifying them to leave early or take an alternative route, all before they start driving. Over time, HERE CVS learns to make more timely and relevant recommendations, tailored to the driver.


Services for every phase of a journey

EV Services

HERE EV Charging Stations

Know where to find your next charge.

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Safety Services

HERE Road Signs

Extending driver vision beyond the horizon.

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Safety Services

HERE Hazard Warnings

Keeping vehicles, and their drivers, perfectly alert.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

HERE Parking

Easing the search for parking.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

HERE Fuel Prices

Locating your preferred fuel station.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Real-time traffic data that keeps drivers moving.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

HERE Destination Weather

Your personal weather reporter.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment Services

HERE Departure Alerts

Making journeys more efficient, before they even begin.

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