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Advertising Data Science

Boosting advertising performance with location

Precise, relevant and contextual campaigns are key to success

In today’s advertising world, buyers need to maximize ad spend efficiency, while sellers need to prove campaign ROI.

These complex needs are answered through the processing and analyzing of mobile location data: it bridges the physical and digital worlds, enhancing advertising performance and creating valuable consumer experiences that drive business.

To help create more effective campaigns, HERE offers a deep and global location portfolio. Wherever your place in the ad ecosystem, our services support your specific needs – whether that’s gaining a better understanding of consumers, enhancing segmentation and targeting, or boosting campaign effectiveness to leverage the full value of your media investment and optimize ROI. HERE is one of the few neutral and trusted location data providers that does not sell or buy media.


Boosting results from engagement to conversion

  • Improved algorithms processing
  • Accurate audience segments
  • Precise location targeting
  • Advanced performance attribution
  • More personalized advertising
  • Optimized campaign performance
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Advertising Data Science

How location enhances advertising

Key advantages

3 ways to advertise smarter

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Optimize spend

83% of marketers find location-based data for ad targeting valuable, but only 74% of those think the data available is accurate.

LBMA 2018 Global Location Trends Report

Location context from HERE is the key to efficient, low-waste campaigns. Use geometry-based location data to enhance media buys and optimize spend. Deliver correct audiences and accurate location insights to buyers. Improve inventory and bid-stream with better insights.

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Improve targeting

Better identify patterns and predict behavior with greater accuracy. Combine our precise location geometry data with your dynamic mobile user data to enable more targeted and relevant campaigns around real-world elements, such as points of interest (POI), retailers and landmarks.

Thanks to HERE, we are able to better understand consumers’ real-world behavior and support contextually relevant and effective advertising for our expanding customer portfolio.

Tom Laband, Co-Founder & CEO of Adsquare
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Advance attribution

Budget allocated to geo-targeted ads is expected to rise from $12.4 billion in 2016 to $32.4 billion in 2021.


HERE takes attribution to the next level. Validate marketing efforts with more sophisticated calculation and tracking of campaign effectiveness. Leverage real-world places and building shapes to connect ad campaigns with user behavior and understand dwell time, foot traffic, store visits and purchases.

Get started with Advertising Data Science

With algorithms derived from location data, better audience segmentation, plus precise location targeting, make every penny of your customer's ad spend, count.

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Partners in success

How HERE helped adsquare serve up a 46.72% increase in footfall for their client

A global fast food chain had an ambitious plan: to reach a precise target group at scale, engage them, and drive foot traffic to restaurants.

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