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Greater assistance at every turn

ADAS that improves driver safety and comfort is now a reality

Enhance performance and build consumer trust in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with rich map data and services.


Superior performance

Improve driver convenience and control with augmented speed limits, lane assistance and alerts.



Enable all levels of automated driving. Use rich map data to enhance safety and build trust.

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Global coverage

Access scalable, cost-effective and simple-to-deploy solutions with global support.

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See how enhanced ADAS features can transform the driver experience

Key advantages

Improve drivers’ experience

Car driving past construction site with ADAS guidance

Heighten driver awareness

Empower drivers with a deeper understanding of the entire road network. Provide alerts on hazards, traffic, speed limits, cameras, stop signs and more.

Car traveling on a snowy road with ADAS guidance

Make journeys safer

Keep drivers on track in all conditions with lane-level data. Provide visibility of road curves, slopes and lane lines – even when sensors struggle.

Woman driving a car on a country road with ADAS guidance

Increase driver comfort

Bridge the move to highly automated driving. Integrate comprehensive road, lane and traffic data to maximize driver comfort on every journey.

Transform your ADAS solution

Integrate new features to move closer to HAD today.

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Empower driver decision making with ADAS technology to:

  • Improve awareness on the road with alerts based on rich map data
  • Help drivers stay safe no matter the weather
  • Improve driver convenience and control by reducing human error

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