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adsquare and HERE advance audience segmentation and campaign attribution with HERE’s global building footprints data

adsquare and HERE advance audience segmentation and campaign attribution with HERE’s global building footprints data
New York City, NY
28 September 2017

New York City, NY – adsquare, the mobile-first data exchange, and HERE Technologies, a global provider of mapping and location services, announced at the 2017 Advertising Week that they are expanding their relationship to further improve the segmentation and attribution work of media buyers.

adsquare is the first to enhance its segmentation offering with HERE’s global and true set of 2D building footprints and venue maps, which are part of HERE’s Reality Index™ mapping infrastructure.

“The world of location data in AdTech is changing,” said Hervé Utheza, Head of Advertising at HERE. “Brands and marketers are looking for transparency in data science, better campaign performance and ROI from attribution modeling. This means that quality, real world, static data becomes more important in an age where transparent data science is demanded by sophisticated buyers."

HERE creates, aggregates and maintains this global database of 2D building footprints, polygons, and venue maps in more than 120 countries, at scale. HERE is a neutral data platform player for the advertising and marketing technologies world, with global solutions ranging from true data offerings to web services and location related technologies.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with HERE to the next stage,” said Tom Laband, CEO and Co-Founder of adsquare. “The added granularity enabled by the HERE Reality Index enables our clients to run even more precise mobile campaigns and advanced analytics.”

adsquare serves as a data marketplace enabling advertising agencies and their buying partners to make better audience segmentation and inventory bidding decisions. The platform is used by customers such as OATH / AOL Platforms. adsquare has also been integrated with leading DSPs such as TheTradeDesk, AppNexus and Google’s DBM.

Its real-time platform supports buying decisions in a scalable, secure and privacy-friendly way. adsquare operates in 11 European markets and the United States.

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About HERE Technologies
HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location platform services, visit, and

About adsquare
adsquare is the mobile-first data exchange, bringing together advertisers and data providers in a fair, secure and privacy-friendly way. The platform has been built mobile- first, operates in real-time and enables advertisers to leverage data for audience targeting and precise moment marketing. Programmatic buyers can take control via the self-service Audience Management Platform which gives them full transparency in buying data, creating audiences and activating them for their platform of choice. adsquare offers a broad portfolio of data from mobile, online and offline sources including location behaviour, app usage, demographics and interests. In addition, advertisers can discover the private marketplace for deals with first-party data owners including app publishers, telcos and E-Commerce. For validated data at scale, advertisers can tap the adsquare Data Alliance which aggregates deterministic data and combines it with validated third-party segments. adsquare is compliant with strict local privacy laws, offers a secure environment and respects data ownership. For more information visit follow @adsquarecom or contact