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Precise and multi-lingual voice-guided instructions


Comprehensive navigation for car, truck and foot

Most smartphones today support full GPS capability, which is why many people use them for navigation – regardless of the type of vehicle being driven, and whether traveling indoors to outdoors.

Businesses are also adopting more mobile technologies to enable their moving assets to embark on the safest, easiest, and most efficient routes.

HERE offers turn-by-turn navigation capabilities that can be customized depending on a vehicle’s size and profile. Our technology also supports walk and public transportation modes, giving users correct directions and voice instructions for multiple travel options, in multiple languages and countries.

Key differentiators

Rich and global voice guidance

San Francisco Pier

Seamless outdoor-indoor navigation

Build applications that utilize indoor positioning technology to pinpoint a user’s location inside a building, regardless of the floor they’re on. Coupled with outdoor navigation, this creates a seamless door-to-door experience.

Truck turning on San Francisco city street

Turn-by-turn with truck data

HERE provides customizable truck-optimized, turn by turn routing, which ensures truck drivers complete trips safely by taking vehicle dimensions and the number of axles into account.

Get started with HERE Mobile SDK

With seamless positioning from indoor to out, truck optimized routing, plus vehicle position matching, safe, simple and efficient routing has arrived.

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE voice-guided instructions are based on sophisticated routing algorithms, rich map data attributes and dynamically updated information – including real-time traffic insights.

In-car navigation is designed to be distraction-free, showing only the most essential journey information in a way that is intuitive to use. Voice instructions are delivered 1km and 300 meters prior to a maneuver to prepare the driver, and also at the maneuver location itself.

The HERE Mobile SDK supports 20 voices that speak street names and POIs (such as “turn right in 300 meters onto Granville Street, after you pass Walgreens”).

How Navigation works

build a route

Build a route

A user provides a starting point and destination. Various journey options to reach the final destination are then given.

choose options

Choose options

The user can choose from a list of various languages, and a male or female voice. HERE then provides detailed turn-by-turn voice instructions.

reroute when needed

Reroute when needed

If a user deviates from a selected route, a new route is automatically calculated and directions and voice instructions are updated.


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Tech documentation

Give your apps more reach with HERE Mobile SDKs

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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