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Electronic Horizon for Mobile

Anticipatory data for safer and smarter driving experiences


Insights that enhance any journey

Anticipatory data is crucial for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, but its benefits don't stop there.

The data can be used for a variety of mobile applications designed to keep drivers safe.

HERE offers electronic horizon capabilities beyond the car’s ADAS control unit, providing anticipatory data support on both Android and iOS – with or without data connection.

Key differentiators

A forward-thinking solution

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Safety and compliance

Businesses must comply with road regulations. By receiving anticipatory information such as speed limits and traffic light locations, drivers can stay focused and operate vehicles safely and more comfortably.

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Built for mobile

Our Electronic Horizon for Mobile solution can be used on both Android and iOS, enabling fleets or commercial businesses to tap into data outside the car’s in-dash navigation system and utilize it in applications.

Get started with HERE Electronic Horizon for Mobile

With ADAS compliant road geometry, probable path calculation, plus compatibility across Android and iOS, enable drivers to see beyond the road.

Electronic Horizon for Mobile applications

Technical information

Under the hood

Electronic Horizon for Mobile uses ADAS-compliant road geometry to provide detailed information on particular road conditions, such as whether a dangerous curve is up ahead.

It provides alerts for speed limits, pedestrian zones, traffic direction (one-way or two-way), traffic flows around roundabouts, intersections, junctions, and carriageways, and delivers this information directly to a mobile device. It also alerts drivers of upcoming bridges and tunnels. Obtaining this anticipatory map data is possible during navigation, as well as when the user is not following turn-by-turn directions to a destination.

How Electronic Horizon for Mobile applications works

calculating the path

Calculating the path

Using map topography, vehicle position, and other attributes, Electronic Horizon for Mobile calculates a vehicle’s probable path and alternative paths.

learning the road

Learning the road

The technology scopes out linked roads in case deviation occurs. It does this for a radius of approx. 8km while learning about the road ahead.

condition alerts

Condition alerts

By anticipating the road network, Electronic Horizon for Mobile delivers real-time insights, such as whether a dangerous curve is up ahead.


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Developer tools

Access ADAS compliant road geometry and relevant map data to prepare drivers of upcoming road conditions.

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