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Dynamic Map Content

Enhance the journey experience with real-time information. Help drivers to arrive safely, comfortably and on schedule, by using dynamic content APIs in your apps and services.

Dynamic map content

Empower drivers with relevant real-time data about the road ahead, delivered via a set of RESTful APIs

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Enable informed decisions with rich data

Enrich your in-vehicle navigation systems and mobile companion apps with granular data about traffic, road hazards, fuel and parking options.

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Access a one-stop-shop for dynamic content

Avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers. HERE gathers data from hundreds of sources and delivers it via easy-to-use APIs.

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Support consistent data quality

Our strict quality control and real-world testing deliver robust data to your drivers – providing accurate and relevant results and avoiding data duplication.

Transform the way you use location-related content

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Keep drivers informed and on the move, with access to real-time information on traffic flow, roadworks and accidents.

HERE Fuel Prices

Enable drivers to make cost-saving fueling decisions – with daily updated information on fuel prices at locations along their route.

HERE EV Products

Ease driver anxiety about electric vehicle range, with details of charging stations en-route – including connector types and real-time availability.

HERE Parking

Save drivers time by providing on-street and off-street parking options near the destination – showing pricing and real-time availability.

HERE Destination Weather

Help drivers be prepared for changing weather conditions with daily and hourly forecasts for their destination – including alerts and radar images.

HERE Safety Cameras

Support safe driving along the entire route, with up-to-date information about the locations of fixed and mobile traffic safety cameras.

HERE Road Alerts

Gain access to road conditions, incident data and hazard warnings. Integrate dynamic content into vehicles and ensure that both the system and driver are timely informed about real-time upcoming road conditions and situations.

HERE Probe Data

An advanced location enrichment service designed to deepen the understanding of how people and vehicles move.

HERE Traffic Analytics Speed Data

Help enterprise and government customers make informed decisions for future traffic management strategies using historical road traffic data.

Customer stories


Helping truck drivers and operators make more informed decisions

Eleos integrates HERE live data for truck routing, navigation and real-time traffic into native iOS and Android apps for business customers.

HERE has packaged and delivered capabilities in a way that makes it easy to consume and utilize as we build our overall offering. That's very important to us.

Kevin Survance

CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos


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HERE Map Data

Build your own world view using our map data as a canvas. Layer with data from other sources and turn your map into a location-based application.

HERE Marketplace

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.



Enhance your Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system with high-quality global speed limit data to support legal compliance and driver safety.

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