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HERE EV Charging Stations

Know where to find your next charge

Erasing uncertainty for EV drivers

If asked about their biggest concern, EV drivers would give the same answer: running out of charge on the road.

HERE EV Charging Stations is a service designed to help drivers locate the right station based on their connector type, required voltage, pricing and other attributes.

Enabling drivers to find the right charging points, fast

Robust coverage for electric vehicles

Robust coverage for electric vehicles

Aggregating data from multiple sources allows HERE to provide robust coverage for EV drivers. Wherever a driver is headed, the services from HERE pinpoint all charging stations along their journey and recommends charging stations with the correct type of connector for their electric vehicle.

As rich as it can get

As rich as it can get

The service provides all the information drivers need to find the right EV charging facility: opening hours, available charger types, brand, number of connectors, subscription, price information and much more. In countries with supporting infrastructure, the service shows drivers in real-time with charging facilities have connectors.

Quality inspired experience

A service is only as good as its data. HERE maintains the quality of its data by running around truth testing, ensuring OEMs deliver drivers with reliable and quality information through their navigation systems for a better driving experience.

Granularity that’s hard to beat

HERE EV Charging Stations service helps you determine if there is the right connector type for your car and pinpoints where exactly the charging station is located, even within parking garages and hard to find spots.

Get started with HERE EV Charging Stations

With robust coverage plus rich information regarding all charging facilities, you can give your EV drivers the certainty they need.

Product applications

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Making sense of the road ahead

How EV Charging Stations work

data collection

Data Collection

HERE utilizes its fleet of mapping cars and wide-spread partnerships with EV charging network providers and EV roaming platforms to ensure no station remains unmapped.

location analytics

Location Analytics

Through our proprietary Blend, Match and Deduplication algorithms, we ensure minimization of duplicate EV station listings.

ongoing quality assurance

Ongoing quality assurance

HERE continues to build on the content quality with continuous ground-truth tests of EV station locations.

Under the hood

The HERE EV Charging Stations is a RESTful service providing drivers with highly granular and up-to-date information about EV charging infrastructure.

The API contains data on various types of EV chargers, including fast, slow and superchargers; information about opening hours, number of connectors, subscription information, price and much more.

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