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HERE Destination Weather

Your personal weather reporter

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Preparing for changing weather conditions in advance

Weather has a huge impact on travel, especially on long journeys, so drivers expect reliable and current weather information directly in their vehicles.

HERE Destination Weather answers the call for accurate and contextual weather updates, alerting drivers of changing conditions along their journey.

Providing drivers with greater confidence

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Global coverage

By retrieving data from weather observation stations scattered around the globe, HERE Destination Weather delivers an uninterrupted automotive-grade service to connected cars, no matter where they are driven.

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Unprecedented granularity

With 39 alert types, 36 air description values, 77 precipitation descriptors, and 36 temperature descriptors, the service offers very granular weather information, not leaving a chance to drive in an unprepared way.

Flexible search options

HERE Destination Weather enables OEMs to develop solutions allowing drivers to search for weather conditions by entering the city name, geographic coordinates, zip code or through free text.

Delivered in a local language

HERE Destination Weather is the perfect trip companion. With 90 languages supported to the API, the service speaks your language.

Get started with HERE Destination Weather

With coverage across the globe, flexible search options plus access to granular weather data, your customers can stay one step ahead of the weather.

Product applications

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Making sense of the road ahead

How HERE Destination Weather works

observation data

Detailed observation data

HERE Destination Weather relies on comprehensive, high-quality data from thousands of observation stations located around the globe, ensuring no area is left uncovered.

high-precision forecasts

High-precision forecasts

HERE Destination Weather uses a proprietary model that considers topography, vegetation, cloud coverage and precipitation to develop reliable forecasts.

covering the earth

Covering the Earth

A robust and comprehensive service, HERE Destination Weather gives drivers detailed, accurate weather information at global scale.

Under the hood

HERE Destination Weather is a RESTful API delivering weather forecasts to embedded navigation systems, so drivers can make more informed and safer route decisions.

The dynamic service offers granular, up-to-the-minute details on current weather conditions and alerts, as well as information about when the sun will rise and set across the globe.


Tech Documentation

The HERE Destination Weather API is a RESTful API that provides weather forecasts and reports on current weather conditions, information on severe weather alerts, information about when the sun and moon rise and set, and the phase of the moon.

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Discover HERE Destination Weather today

Navigate weather patterns with reliable, in-depth and contextual weather information during every journey.