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HERE Automotive Services

Building tomorrow’s road network

Maps & Exploration

Truck dashboard with navigation
Location Services


Highly accurate maps, available worldwide

City, buildings and streets viewed from above
Map Content

HERE Map Data

Map data is the foundation of the Reality IndexTM

Modern city buildings viewed from above
Location Services


Vast POI database with search, discovery and interaction

In-Vehicle Infotainment & Navigation

Navigation on Demand Hero

HERE Navigation On Demand

The world's first SaaS solution for navigation and connected services

mobile phone navigation on car windshield
Location Services

Live Sense SDK

An AI-powered SDK that transforms camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers

complex roads
Location Services


Intelligent routing algorithms for safe and efficient journeys

cars in traffic

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Live traffic data to help drivers outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes

woman on tablet in mountains

HERE HD GNSS Positioning

A cloud-based, real-time positioning service that provides users with pinpoint precision

car dashboard

HERE Hazard Warnings

Keeping vehicles, and their drivers, perfectly alert

desert sign

HERE Road Signs

Extending driver vision beyond the horizon

Cars parked in line

HERE Parking

Easing the search for parking

Lady refuels a car

HERE Fuel Prices

Locating your preferred fuel station

Snowy street

HERE Destination Weather

Your personal weather reporter

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems & Highly Automated Driving

live map

HERE HD Live Map

Intelligent sensor data for autonomous driving solutions

Highway over green and industrial area
Map Content

HERE Maneuver Assist

Giving drivers visual guidance ahead of exits and lane splits

Couple in convertible driving down the road
Map Content

HERE Lanes

A lane-level depiction of the road network to help improve driver awareness, safety and comfort

Electric Vehicle Services

Car charging at electric charging station

HERE EV Charging Stations

Know where to find your next charge

OTA Software Management

multiple roads merging

HERE OTA Connect

Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software technology

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