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September 2022 Platform Release Notes


Here's what's new with the latest HERE platform release.

Select where your data is stored to optimize read/write performance

Select which region your data is stored in by default for single-region catalogs and as the primary region in a multi-region catalog configuration so your data is performance-optimized locally to where reads and writes are happening. This configuration option is now available via the following interfaces (Data API, Data Client Library, Portal, OLP CLI and the Python SDK). Note all data processing on the platform still occurs in the EU West region only. Learn more here.


Simplified dashboard creation with Grafana 8

The upgrade to Grafana 8 brings several improvements to workspace monitoring and metrics tooling on the HERE Platform including changes in the Grafana User Interface for faster creation of Dashboards and more visualization options.

One major enhancement is the ability to transform data with math expressions before they are visualized in panels. This allows you to rename fields, join separate time series together, do math across queries, and more. See for more.

The improved Panel Editor lets you visualise your data even quicker than before and adds powerful new capabilities like the aforementioned transformations. See

With the new Library Panels, you can create reusable panels so that any changes made to one instance of the library panel are reflected on every dashboard using that panel. For more information see


Support for cache configurability, data pre-fetching and pre-loading now extended to Location Referencing

In HERE Workspace release v3.7, we added high-level API functionality to the Data SDK for Java & Scala which enhanced support for cache configurability, map data (tile) pre-fetching and pre-loading.  This allowed for considerable performance improvements with application startup and a reduction in memory usage compared to the previous approach. This implementation was applicable to features including Proximity Search, Graph, Path Matcher and Property Map.

With the v3.11 release, the implementation is also extended to the Location Referencing feature. Please refer to the Developer Guide for the Location Library under OLR and TMC, where you can find "v2" example snippets on how to use the new functionality.


Invoice Improvements for Partners and Customers

Customer and Partner invoices have been improved to include a "Discount" column indicating the discount amount per line item.

Partner invoices have been improved to include a "Case Name" column indicating which Partner Customer is associated with each line item.


Here Tour planning: New feature - Job Task Ordering

By default, Tour planning generates tours and schedules job tasks such that tours are optimized and all constraints are met. However, in some cases, the customer wants some of the job tasks scheduled earlier than other tasks. With the new Job Task Ordering feature, the customer can define the optional "order" property (e.g. “order”: 1) to job tasks.  When doing so, job tasks with lower values of "order" will be scheduled earlier in the tour than job tasks with higher values of the "order" property and earlier than job tasks without order property.

HERE tour planning has created several tutorials to better explain the features with real-life use cases and working examples. Read the tutorials here. Don’t miss the our tutorials on problem formulation best practicesFAQs and Tour Planning Billing.

Mohini Todkari

Mohini Todkari

Sr. Developer Evangelist

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