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June 2022 Platform Release Notes

June 2022 Platform Release Notes


Better Isolines for Taxi dispatch use case

The routing mode Taxi that was recently introduced with the Routing API v8 and Matrix Routing v8 is now also supported in Isoline Routing. This leads to more realistic isolines that represent the area of reach based on driving time route calculation that considers taxi lanes.

Bus Routing with physical restrictions

The transport mode bus can now be combined with the newly introduced attribute vehicle that previously only supported truck related physical restrictions. For example, to designate a Bus with 5-meter height:


Changes, additions, deprecation, and known issues

Weather catalogs will be deprecated

As mentioned in previous months, HERE will deprecate the Workspace's weather information catalogs on June 30, 2022. From that date onward, the catalogs will no longer be accessible. Applications that use one of these catalogs will need to access weather data elsewhere. There are several weather data providers listed in the HERE Marketplace, and we encourage you to consider one of those listings. The specific catalogs that will be deprecated on that date are:

  • HERE Weather Forecast hrn:here:data::olp-here:weather-forecast
  • HERE Archived Weather North America hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-archive-na
  • HERE Archived Weather Europe hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-archive-eu
  • HERE Live Weather North America hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-na
  • HERE Live Weather Europe hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-eu
Aaron Falk

Aaron Falk

Principal Developer Evangelist

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