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July 2022 Platform Release Notes

HERE Style Editor


HERE Style Editor launched 

The HERE Style Editor is a web application map style customization tool for designing custom HERE map styles. Style the map as you desire, export it, and use it with the HERE SDK (since v4.12.1 Explore and Navigate), Maps API for JavaScript (since, or with HERE Navigation (using a supported HSDK version).

Check out this blog post to learn more.

HERE SDK for Java & Scala's Mapmatcher (Location Library) gets a performance upgrade

The execution time of the path matcher created by PathMatchers.carPathMatcherWithTransitions and PathMatchers.unrestrictedPathMatcherWithTransitions was reduced by up to 50% for sparse sensor probes or related geocoordinate inputs, using a patent pending implementation

Weather catalogs have been deprecated

As advised in previous notes, HERE has now deprecated the Workspace's weather information catalogs, as of June 30. They will not be maintained going forward, and they will be deleted shortly. The specific catalogs deprecated are:

  • HERE Weather Forecast hrn:here:data::olp-here:weather-forecast
  • HERE Archived Weather North America hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-archive-na
  • HERE Archived Weather Europe hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-archive-eu
  • HERE Live Weather North America hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-na
  • HERE Live Weather Europe hrn:here:data::olp-here:live-weather-eu

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