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Optimizing advertising with the precise consumer journey through space

Optimizing advertising with the precise consumer journey through space

A new level of precision is coming to the advertising market. We’ve built the tech that helps you understand where and when consumers are within a location.

When all of us began carrying GPS & WiFi enabled devices at all times of the day, naturally, the advertising industry foresaw a huge opportunity. If you can know a few anonymous traits of a person, precisely where they are, and when they’re there in real-time, the potential applications wouldn’t just be disruptive, they could create an entirely new industry.

But to date this hasn’t happened, and the reason is because the available technology wasn’t smart, precise or scaleable enough to make it work effectively. That is, until now.

We’re very pleased to announce HERE Places Footprints – the most precise toolset in the marketplace for creating a mappable connection between your business and the building floor plan and other businesses that surround it.

One might suggest that this has been done already, which is true, but to a very limited extent. According to a 2018 LBMA study, 83% of marketers find location-based data valuable, but only 74% of those same marketers believe the data is accurate. They’re right to tread carefully. Consider an example:

Advertising tech in the local shopping center

The shopping mall is a perfect use case for why precision is required. Currently, there are solutions that can tell that a consumer is simply in a shopping center. But troubles arise when advertisers delve deeper into where stores and offices are in relation to where people are moving.

HERE Places Footprints establishes a direct connection between HERE Places and HERE 2D buildings footprints. For our mall example, this is to say that we’ve taken the extra step to know more than the flat data – a mall has a popular coffee shop. We have the precise 2D building floorplan of the mall, and thus we know exactly where that shop is within the space, as well as the stores around it.

If the consumer journey through a physical space can be mapped, the insights from that map have deep market value.

With this information, companies and advertisers can create better, more effective campaigns based on location and proximity. They can target those campaigns more accurately toward their desired audience segments, and gain better traction and return on their campaign investments.

The mall scenario above is just one example of how HERE Places Footprints brings value and increases return and effectiveness of location-based advertising spending. The same technology can be applied to sporting venues, airports, concert halls, and even neighborhoods to optimize OOH advertising spending.

Find out more about Places Footprints from our AdTech team.

Suny Borges

Suny Borges

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