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October 2023 Platform Release Notes

October 2023 Platform Release Notes

HERE SDK 4.15.5

We are pleased to announce the availability of our minor release of the HERE SDK for iOS, Android and Flutter.

 The HERE SDK product family enables you to build powerful map applications based on the latest data from the HERE platform incorporating microservices and highly modularized components.

HERE SDK 4.15.5 is a minor release for the 4.15 code line with a lot of bug fixes and improvements based on customer feedback. We also added some new features, for example:

  • Added new RoutingEngine.importRoute function which accepts RouteStop list.
  • Added method MapScene.reloadScene to reload the currently loaded scene preserving MapFeature settings.
  • Map style update: Lite night scheme was redesigned to have dark street colors and country boundary display was improved.
  • Added VisualNavigator.setExtrapolationEnabled to enable/disable position extrapolation for active guidance.
  • Added support of Swedish BK classes and Mexican truck road types.
  • Added GeoBox.envelope to envelope two or more geo boxes.
  • Added VisualNavigator.defaultRouteManeuverArrowMeasureDependentWidths.
  • Added generation of detailed section notice warning for violated truck road type.

Take a look at the latest release notes for your edition and platform to find out more details.

HERE Style Editor 1.4

The new version 1.4 of HERE Style Editor is now available. HERE Style Editor is a web application on the HERE platform which allows the customization of base map styles utilized from e.g. HERE SDK (Explore and Navigate), HERE Maps API for JavaScript and HERE Navigation. The new version introduces a long list of additional map customization options and improvements to the application itself.

HERE Style Editor 1.4 bathymetry

New styling features

  • Styling of restricted & parking lot roads
  • Bathymetry display and styling 
  • Added transit icon & road shield icon sizes 
  • Public transport icon style support
  • Unpaved roads label & arrow styling
  • Improvements with regard to the consistency between HERE SDK and Maps API for JavaScript rendering

Improvements to the application

  • Use-case based style selector dashboard
  • New set of base styles called 'lite'.
  • Updated modifier presets linked to corresponding use cases.
  • Layer & attribute panel redesign for increased usability
  • New style selector drop-down

Please review and update your styles from earlier versions of HERE Style Editor to incorporate the new features. See also this blog post for additional information. 

HERE Map Content v2

The Local Road attribute in Navigation Attributes was extended with a Parking Aisles tag, to support more sophisticated routing and navigations use-cases.

HERE Map Content v2

Rendering/inspection scripts were added to the following layers :

  • Rules & Regulations - Commercial Vehicle Regulations ( Platform Portal link )
  • Rules & Regulations - Toll Cost ( Platform Portal link )

For example:

HERE Map Content v2 Rules & Regulations

Please note the layer inspection scripts that are bundled with the layer schemas create GeoJSON feature collections from one or multiple layers and are fully customizable. Please consult your support representative for details.

For any general inquiries regarding HERE Map Content, please reach out to your Account Executive. 

 *Please note that publication is bound to HERE Content Portfolio roadmaps in terms of attributes, inclusion rules and coverage


HERE Map Tile API v2 deprecation

HERE Map Tile API v2 is deprecated, meaning no longer commercially available to new customers and renewals. Map update frequency is reduced to "monthly". If you want to take advantage of new functionalities, you will have to upgrade to the successor product HERE Raster Tile API v3 or a client-side rendering product HERE Vector Tile API v2. updates require your reset to "System status" and "Maintenance" notification settings

Service/API names listed under Workspace have been updated to more directly reflect the specific APIs they represent as opposed to the read/write operations they support. These updates require that you reset your notification settings for System status and Maintenance notifications because the service names are now different. Go to, find your Profile in the upper right hand corner, click on System status and select the notifications you wish to receive. Do the same for Maintenance notifications.


Christo Mitov

Christo Mitov

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