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How to navigate with HERE on a Samsung Galaxy Gear

How to navigate with HERE on a Samsung Galaxy Gear

One of last year’s most effective commercials was Samsung’s Galaxy Gear “A Long Time Coming”. That’s because over the years movies and TV shows created the aspiration of talking to your watch to let others know that you’re on your way.

Today we are happy to help you get on your way by providing our walk navigation to Symphony Teleca for their app TurnByTurn on the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

How do you get on your way? If you’re on foot, you would probably grab your smartphone and calculate the route to get there. What happens next can be completely different from person to person.

Some people prefer holding their smartphone in their hands, face down and meticulously following the navigation app instructions. Others listen to voice guided navigation through their headphones. We learned, however, that the majority would just visually remember the route to take, immediately close the app to save battery life, and put their smartphone back into their pocket. From time to time, they would reopen the navigation to check whether they’re still on the right route.

But what if you could feel free from always following your smartphone’s directions yet feel confident of not missing any turn?

Thanks to our Android SDK, it was easy for Symphony Teleca to develop TurnByTurn, an app with which you can plan your routes on your Samsung Galaxy and then synchronize them with your Samsung Galaxy Gear. The smart watch will then take over all the navigation instructions and alert you visually and audibly about upcoming turns.

The idea is super easy, but also innovative: a quick look at your smart watch and you know exactly where to go. It’s perfect when you’re visiting a foreign city because, let’s be honest, you want to get where you’re going without looking like a lost tourist.

Would you use a navigation app on a smart watch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ian Delaney

Ian Delaney

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