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How HERE and Motorola Solutions aid first responders

How HERE and Motorola Solutions aid first responders

Motorola Solutions and HERE to add real-time location awareness to the available tools for emergency services personnel.

Envision yourself as a paramedic. On a hot afternoon, you’re called to a local shopping center with a report of a senior citizen complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. You’ve arrived at the front entrance of the largest shopping center in the city…now how do you get where the help is needed?

When police, fire, and EMS personnel enter a building, complex or other venue, there are a myriad of cases where accurate and timely information can be a powerful ally. Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? Where is the closest on-premises medical kit? What is the fastest route to someone in need?

Motorola Solutions is answering the call with CommandCentral Aware, a real-time intelligence system that now integrates HERE Venues. The solution provides command center analysts with detailed venue maps that enhance situational awareness when they need it most.

It works like this: local command center analysts can instantly access the latest authorized venue map of the building that first responders are about to enter. That map provides entrances and routes to the area of need. HERE Venues can also include important features of the building, like fire extinguishers, availability of defibrillators, and medical kits for quick access.

The integration of HERE Venues with CommandCentral Aware adds a valuable new layer of information for public safety officers in the field, providing command center analysts and investigators real-time context of what is happening within and around a venue.

The venue maps that underpin these kinds of location solutions are growing in availability. For HERE Venues we have more than 50 strategic partners worldwide. Building owners and managers can have their spaces mapped with HERE Venues so they can authorize and share up to date information with ingelligence-software like CommandCentral Aware.

Emergency responders rely on real-time and accurate information to maximize their situational awareness. We’re proud to work with Motorola Solutions in providing the public safety community with the added value of HERE Venues, along with their highly accurate real-time layer of information feeds that aid in the speed and safety of responders on scene.

Jim Leflar

Jim Leflar

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