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For two years running, HERE is #1 in location platforms

For two years running, HERE is #1 in location platforms

Thanks to our product launches and partnerships we've maintained the top spot, with innovation and collaboration at our core. 

We thought being ranked number 1 last year was a big deal.

In 2018, we took the top spot as highest-ranking vendor in the location platform market, toppling Google. It's 2019 and we've done it again. Ovum have more than 30 years of experience in technology and communication and we are proud to have stood out so clearly and cemented our role as the industry leader in this year's report.

Our CEO, Edzard Overbeek shared, “To be recognized as the number one location platform in last year’s index was a great achievement for the HERE team. To retain that position this year is an even greater one because it shows that we continue to innovate”.


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Growing year on year 

This year we've made innovative and collaborative developments we are particularly proud of. From growing our global team to expanding our products and reach, we made huge strides on empowering an autonomous world. 

Innovation and collaboration at our core 

We invested 25 million EUR to launch the Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence Institute (IARAI). Not only was this an opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts in machine learning and data science, it marked a significant achievement. The IARAI will be the world's first global machine-learning research institute to use industrial-scale geolocation data. Artificial intelligence technologies are changing the way we work, live and communicate. We're embracing this change and using location technology to shape our future. 

Our HERE Navigation on Demand solution was also brought to life. It's designed to help automotive OEMs build customizable in-vehicle user interfaces. In the spirit of collaboration, the Amazon Alexa AI assistant comes pre-integrated, allowing drivers access to one of the largest providers of voice driven functionality.

Increased audiences and connections 

We launched HERE Advertising Data Services, upgrading our previous solution to provide access to a larger data set and more precise audience segmentation. For those in the sector, it means an advancement in audience insights and a reduction in inefficiency and spend. 

Data plays a huge part in keeping us connected. HERE Cellular Signals provides the most up-to-date information on mobile network performance on roads in 196 countries. Our rich data undergoes daily updates from over 250 million connected devices worldwide. Over the past year we have continued to enhance effective and efficient communication in the transport and logistics and  telcoms space. 

With the transition to a general launch from the beta in 2018, we enabled developers and map makers to create advanced maps and location-aware applications from location data with HERE XYZ. The studio helps users of all skill sets uncover insights, allowing data to tell a powerful story and speak to new audiences. 

Our studio is flexible to meet the needs of any user; choose your tools, data sets and map providers with the studio's choice of renderer and third-party providers. 


Looking ahead 

The work doesn't stop there. Every day our worldwide team are focusing on improving our products and solutions, discovering new ideas and sharing the thoughts of some of the most innovative minds, all to create a future enabled by location technology. 

You can read more about our achievements and industry by downloading the full Ovum Location Platform Index 2019.

Julia Johnston

Julia Johnston

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