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Evaluating risk via location – Arity is making it happen

Evaluating risk via location – Arity is making it happen

Arity is an insights technology company that provides the next level of risk analysis to businesses and their drivers. By marrying insurance claim data, and HERE map data, they’re guiding drivers to avoid accidents before they happen.

If you were to provide a service where your potential loss grows in parallel with the amount of risk you assume – it would be smart of you to invest in an internal group designed to scientifically asses where the risk is, and how much risk you’re carrying. Insurance giant Allstate did just that some years ago, and that group that was formed is now its own business, called Arity.



Arity has been its own entity since 2016. They now produce software for businesses & companies who seek to identify and reduce risks.  Their call to action is not just to evaluate drivers and vehicles. Instead, as caretakers of data, they’re using predictive analytics to make the roads safer – and we’re extremely proud that our APIs are part of their software.

Start with the data – the location intelligence. Arity has the historical data for insurance claims spanning back years, if not decades. Since road fatalities are on the rise, they set their minds to how they could use that data to prevent accidents and fatalities.  By combining the information from their database of incidents, the conditions of each incident, and HERE map data, Arity can use data modeling to tell when and where accidents are most likely to occur.


It’s all about context

It would be short-sighted to look at an intersection where many accidents have happened, and simply label that place as dangerous.  Context comes from a robust amount of data that is feeds into the analytics to produce an exact result. Factors like weather conditions, times of day, the amount of traffic, the types of cars and more all feed into the profile of what increases risk in a location – and when the risk rises and falls.

As an example, open the map application on your phone, then find the directions from where you are to your favorite place to eat. In the results, you’re probably looking at routes by fastest time, or by shortest route.  But, do you see the safest route?

Arity provides three products to businesses that incorporate HERE APIs (you can read more about the specific APIs here).  Risk Data Stream provides information on where accidents are likely to happen.  Drive Shield Routing provides navigation and route planning that factors in the lowest-risk roadways. Finally, Drive Shield Alerts gives drivers real-time information about areas where conditions are prime for an incident to happen.

With this form of data modeling, logistics, ride-share companies and more can significantly reduce the risks for their cars on the roadways.  In the future, these same services may become available to individual drivers, empowering them to make safer decisions.

Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker

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