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Bookatable comes to HERE WeGo

Bookatable comes to HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is the perfect app for getting around the city, but thanks to the inclusion of Bookatable within the app's Nearby options, it's now a whole lot easier to find and reserve a table at nearby restaurants.

To use Bookatable, simply open HERE WeGo and tap Nearby from the bottom of the app. Swipe right until you see the Reservations option, press it to use Bookatable and, well, book a table.

When you press Reservations, restaurants and eateries are shown on the map using the Bookatable heart logo, with each logo signifying a different establishment.

Tap the restaurant you want, and you'll be provided with more details by Bookatable, including information on the restaurant itself, photographs and average prices. Tap 'See on Bookatable' to actually make a reservation, where you'll be able to select the number of people, the meal and the day you actually want to eat.

Or, as always with HERE WeGo, you'll also be able to tap the route icon to get directions by car, public transit, on foot or by various other means of transport.

If you're using HERE WeGo on a regular web browser, you'll also be able to use Bookatable. All you need to do is zoom into the town, city or location that you're interested in and press the multi-coloured menu button underneath the search bar. You'll see Bookatable as one of the options, and tapping it brings up nearby restaurants and eateries on the map.

The new feature is available now on HERE WeGo for Android and iOS, or when you use HERE WeGo on a regular and mobile web browser.

The Bookatable service is available across several different countries, currently including Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Philip Barker

Philip Barker

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