HERE Platform for Business

A location platform that can transform your business

Whether you’re building a commercial app to help users navigate around a city, or integrating location functionality within your current business software, HERE Platform for Business provides a variety of tools that can transform the way businesses operate. If you want to provide a cutting-edge solution to your users, HERE Platform for Business is built on the world’s most accurate maps and gives access to robust and unique location functionality for web, desktop and mobile.

HERE Platform for Business offers:

  • RESTful web services – for integrating core functionalities and platform extensions

  • JavaScript API – for web development

  • Mobile SDKs – for native development

HERE Platform for Business is modular, flexible and scalable, and it gives access to a rich set of features and functionalities:


    • The HERE benefits


      Consistent access to freshest maps and content through services that intelligently integrate the latest HERE Map updates. Easy-to-integrate and diverse location functionality that support the most immediate geospatial needs. Ranked No1 in completeness in Ovum Location Platform Index.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Flexible integration options

      Services are available via REST APIs, Javascript APIs or Native SDKs. So regardless or your target environment or integration preferences, HERE Platform for Business provides options that allow you to integrate the features you need into your website, desktop or mobile application.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Enterprise-grade scalability and reliability

      The global infrastructure supporting our services provides fast service response time, reliable uptime and global availability with seamless handling of traffic growth as your business expands.

Product Overview

  • HERE Geocoder

    Provides users with high-precision matching of coordinates and addresses. Features include geocoding, batch geocoding, high-performance reverse geocoding, multi-reverse geocoding as well as support for address ranges and fuzzy search.

  • HERE Maps

    HERE Maps offers access to fresh and accurate maps covering nearly 200 countries. Features include high-quality maps; map views including satellite and street-level imagery; pre-configured optimized styles for different use cases and venue maps.

  • HERE Places

    Provides access to a constantly updated Point of Interest data index. Features include places search and suggestions, ranked results, place details and multi-language support.

  • HERE Traffic

    Includes real-time traffic flow and incident data, as well as historical information for improved planning

  • HERE Directions

    Our sophisticated routing algorithms offer a flexible, feature rich solution for trucks, cars, public transit and pedestrian routing, which can also take into account real-time and historic traffic. In addition, we can help solve more advanced routing problems with our matrix and isoline routing capabilities.

  • HERE Transit

    Provides seamless connectivity between travel and transit modes: a complete door-to-door experience with everything from walking directions to the station, information on stops and transfer points along a route.

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