HERE Traffic Patterns

Providing valuable insight for route planning and navigation

Drivers can’t afford to waste time and money sitting in traffic. They need to get to their destinations quickly and cost-effectively.

HERE Traffic Patterns delivers accurate, comprehensive average traffic speed data for 83 countries by using billions of multi-year vehicle speed observations on every type of road. HERE Traffic Patterns can also support alternative route suggestions and precise journey time estimations for logistics and navigation products.

Product benefits

HERE Traffic Patterns generates traffic-aware estimated times of arrival and routing to enhance the accuracy of routing and turn-by-turn navigation.

    • The HERE benefits

      Granular insight

      HERE Technologies includes billions of multi-year vehicle speed observations on every type of road in the markets served and factors in day-specific averages and time of day.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Global coverage

      Throughout the world HERE Traffic Patterns can help drivers and fleet managers get vehicles to their destination. It's currently available on 100% of the roads in 83 countries.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Time efficiency

      Provides realistic travel time estimates by day and time, creating valuable insight for route planning and enhanced navigation for non-connected devices.

“Always at the forefront of data, HERE has been a privileged and indispensable partner of GEOCONCEPT for many years. Here Map Data are essential for geomarketing studies, and Traffic Patterns Data that model road traffic every 15 minutes allow our Field Service Manager customers to be closer to the reality on the ground.”

    January 1, 2017

“DAT.Mobility has been using HERE road network data, Traffic Analytics and Traffic Patterns for many projects. These data sources have great value to provide our customers with high quality up-to-date and historical information about road traffic conditions and vehicle speeds. DAT.Mobility combines HERE data with other (big) data sources and modelling tools to add value for clients.”

  • DAT.MobilityPeter van der MedeBusiness Developer
    January 1, 2017

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Plan better routes by avoiding traffic

HERE Traffic Patterns supports fleet management companies by helping them avoid traffic congestion ahead of time, and calculate better ETAs when you can’t.

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Foundation for accurate route planning

HERE Traffic Patterns helps drivers understand where to expect traffic throughout a day and plan accordingly.

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Find out how you can plan better routes for your drivers

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